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Monday, April 09, 2012


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Pappy Enoch

Hoo whee Mistopher Au but that am a rite good sound-track. Reckon it am about time you folks in San Francisco learns how to listen to real music. Now on to my larger point:

Ol' Sheriff ain't never catched me yet..an' fancy-pants Pathfindin' ain't a gonna help none.

I puts the hammer down until I gets to the sim border, then I jumps out and walks across.

Them-there crossings am all broke, so the Sheriff's fake car crashes at the sim border and I gets away.

Metacam Oh

Impressive? No. Long overdue? Yes.


"I drove that stolen Chevrolet on down the Interstate Road,

So fast I burned the engine up and made the radiator explode."

--Bob Frank, "Memphis Jail"

Bring it on, Linden Lab. And fix the sim-crossings so we can leave Rosco P. Coletrane in the ditch.

foneco zuzu

Is SL releasing a script that generates a avatar, dressed and using any shape, skin or outift, that a user can wear when being in world?
Will Sl also allow that avatar or avatars, sit and use poseballs, walk around on pre defined paths, interact with any that comes closer?


@foneco You mean this? http://opensimulator.org/wiki/OSSLNPC

foneco zuzu

And i can assure that i can make alive 150 avatars in less then 10 sec, all fully dressed or not as its adult thematic regions, and the lag is minimal!
(that depends on the scripts any uses, if i make 10 npc walk on a specific path, it will be more stressful then just placing 100 on diff pose balls with diff animations).
There are already a few regions on OS Grid where any can see what Npc's can give of enhancing one region atmosphere and even if SL is being still look upon as a social plataform, Npc's i gather would be a priority, but seems not:(

Marianne McCann

NPCs? Eww.

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That's not a very cool video. i was a little disappointed

Katie Grace

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