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Thursday, April 26, 2012


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Marianne McCann

One *would* have been better served by Bay City Fashion Week. ;-)


"I'd really like someone to tell me which of the items listed above evokes Mad Men even a little bit."

Um...all of them? Pete Campbell would have tried to build his squalid career at Sterling Cooper selling these items to consumers.

Otherwise, no. I suspect that creators of lowbrow content just wanted eyeballs on their hootchie-wear and stupid doo-dads.

Pity, too. I like the show and the marketing idea that LL botched.

Frans Charming

I'm glad you called them out Iris. I had noticed the same thing. We really need some well curated categories.

Scarp Godenot

You are SO right about the categorization of the marketplace being completely inept.

No matter what you are selling, the categories don't go nearly deep enough to make a decent search easy or in many cases even possible. What possible good does it to to go to the end of the subcategories and still have 8000 or more items? This is no better than keyword searching at random. Again with keywording: another dumb to the point of being broken search engine.

Also, the categories and subcategories lump things that aren't that similar together.

An example: Home and Garden as a major category instead of having a major category for Landscaping and Garden, and a separate category for Home and Housewares. The next level in the landscaping subcategory: Flowers and Plants with 18000 items. AND NO FURTHER SUBCATEGORIES! What good it that? Nobody can look past the first thousand without giving up totally.

Just a little thinking could easily solve these problems, I could go in with a couple of friends and in a single day completely redo these categories in a way which would work far better. Why can't they?

It is pretty frustrating. Another example: In the Art category it has subcategories for 'Animated and 3D Art' and 'Sculpture and Statues'. Well first of all, Sculpture IS 3D art, and SL sculpture can be animated or not. Also Statues needs to be a subcategory of Sculpture not concurrent with it. So do you put an abstract sculpture in the statue category or the 3D art category? No thinking at all in these categories. I of course could make this critiques of virtually every category with the exception of only a few.

The biggest problem throughout the marketplace is a complete lack of decent sub subcategories, making the category searches next to unusable and worthless.

Listen Lab people, since you actually make a comission on every transaction here, fixing this can make you MONEY! get it?????

Rant over! hahaha

Pussycat Catnap

In world expos, events, and hunts - that's the way to go for themes.

The above mentioned Bay City one for example. When you've got someone managing the land, and its all rezzed on the land - its very easy for human actors to cull out the junk.

The more Marketplace is relied on for the solution to SL, the less SL remains... so I'm personally glad its failing at this.

Meanwhile I can go to things like the unofficial mesh expo a few months back, or a themed mall - and see a whole lot of this next to that which is still akin to the something I had been aware of - and gets me happy with product, and a merchant happy with a sale.


Just a note. I made the woman's outfit which is featured in the main picture. My store is called Subculture, and the outfit the model is wearing is called *Subculture* B&W Mod Skirt.


At last someone posted this annoying issue. I've always been wondering why the shopping link pointed out to everything else except the avatars and attire from that picture! There's hardly anything Mad Men themed stuff when searching with the "madstyle" keyword. Confuses the hell out of me and probably everyone else.

Yffaa Ka Duffa

See the White guy is an Arian New World type and the woman.blindly follows him. THAT is the madness...

Connie Arida

Botched. I agree the makers you mentioned would be the first off the top of my head. They are also much loved "oldies" in SL too. For LL to not even think of them strikes me as symptomatic of the disconnect between the gods and their world.

Arya Markova

Completely agree, what was even the point? I clicked through the ad, saw one page of results and thought "WTF?" and didn't bother looking any further.

They probably didn't want to appear as if they were bestowing special favors upon chosen designers, but instead they just sent out an open invitation for keyword spamming.

Sophia Trefusis

I felt the same way,grungy streetwear isnt a Mad Men style at all.

I think the promotion was taken advantage of by peoplr,and that the Lindens ought to have checked out what was submitted.

Whats the idea of themes when nothing in it fits the theme?


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