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Thursday, April 05, 2012


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Adeon Writer

I'm always forgetting that the base avatar mesh can't do something as simple as close their eyes. (In my defense my only human avie wears a mask anyhow.)

It's kind of a downer when I remember it. After all, the secret to what made the (SnowCrash) so successful and Mainstream was the expressive, emotive faces. Considered an aftertpught to the egghead programmers, who came up with all these complex hysics simulations and protocols but were blind to the simple details of how humans interact.

Great to see resident strides in this direction, but I only feel it's a patch to something LL should really be focusing on.

Ah well.

Luci Koenkamp

Why hasn´t LL done anything to improve our avatars? I´ve been a member since 2004 and NOTHING has changed since then. Don´t you think it´s time for some improvements? I really would like some toes on my avatars´ feet and the shoulders are a far cry from reality ... not to mention the view when some one bends over :)


Just thought I'd mention that closing your avatar's eyes is simple enough. Just use something like the anypose expression hud or any of the other facial control huds out there. The downside is that you cannot control your mouth and eyes seperatly, so if you use the distain facial pose which closes your eyes you are stuck with an odd sort of mouth, however this has always been easy for me to hide with just a clever angle or a mouth accessory that hides it. To me that was far better then sitting and fighting to try and catch my avatar blinking.

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