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Friday, April 13, 2012


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foneco zuzu

And its so simple and easy to use it as the name says.
And btw:
Vivox is not longer SL exclusive:)

Douglas Story

Does the SL client also live on the stick? Or does the client have to be installed on the customer's computer in order to demonstrate the build?

Desdemona Enfield

Hi Doug,

Some versions include imprudence. The startup script runs the viewer as well.


Dave Bell

My reading is that they create images and videos to show to customers, rather than having them visit the OpenSim world. But I also see a couple of different levels of "customer". There's the marketing company, who employs the contractors to produce the images, etc., and there is the product company. I can see the marketing company having staff who could benefit from walk-through access, to get a better advertising display.

Graham Mills

It's normally called SoaS, I believe.

David Miller

Thank you Hamlet, nice piece about what was a very fun project.

The viewer can 100% be run from the stick, however, it will try to look at your User > Application Data folder for viewer config files. That's only an issue if you only want the SoaS localhost and OSGrid in the Imprudence 1.3.2 grid manager.

I use Imp 1.3.2 because it is simple and for complete newbs, it is easy to get them up to speed.

Dave - you are correct, this was only used as a 3D application for doing screenshots and video - no concurrency. Although, SoaS can be configured to allow a class to network into one stick.

The stick is a "live" USB meaning it is running as a server - Apache, MySQL, PHP, and OpenSim.

Ener Hax has the site http://simonastick.com in which she keeps SoaS up to date and most helpful is the link to "blog posts" for how people have extended it, etc.

OpenSim used like this is just an easy 3D app that can be taught to anyone in a matter of hours. The trade off for photo-realism is that someone can build representative models that get 80% of the concept across.

While Unity would be much nicer, I know that I could not teach anyone Blender in a day!

YouTube is the number one eLearning source in the world and it's all about content and not slick presentation - I'll leave that to the Robert Jackson's of the world!


w00t! nice post Hamlet and yay for my subQuark! *very proud gloating*

sim-on-a-stick has been downloaded about 8,441 times since it came online back in december of 2010 and it very much has been a collaborative thing but clearly by a tiny niche within a niche!

on the SoaS site there is a link to blog posts (like subbie said above) and that should be helpful to see use cases and mods to it

one thing David did not mention was the cost of the project - $250K! a lot of that was because it involved physical site checking and a certified accuracy of one inch for each of the 100 lobbies! but it was a company project, not big $$$ directly to subQ

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