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Thursday, April 19, 2012


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Adeon Writer

Let's just say that raycasting + pathfinding = wall-crawling robotic spider sentinels.

Kim Anubis

Any word on the content creator program we were supposed to have to join before having access to the new script functions? It was supposed to be announced last month, and we have been waiting since the demo at SLCC in August. Will this feature be released as part of that program?

Adeon Writer

Hi Kim, there are no special requirements are needed to use the pathfinding functions. Anyone may use then.

Kim Anubis

Thanks, Adeon!

Melancholy Lemon

Intersting to see this announced on NWN, but still precisely zero notices on the in-world Advanced Creator Tools Notification group which is where I *thought* this stuff was supposed to be announced.


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