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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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I've been part of the KittyCats community for about a year now, and I can honestly say that everytime KC sends out a new update, I'm impressed all over again. Just the fact that they've held my interest this long, is saying something! :)

Hitomi Tiponi

My cat is not going anywhere near any web, unless she eats the spiders - when I'm not around her job is to make sure that our home is kept mouse-free.

Pooky Amsterdam

Brilliant & Bravo Callie Cline and KittyCats! woah!

Nathan Adored

I ask this sorta halfway tongue in cheek, but... Okay, so you can take your cat to the Web, but can you take them with you to your opensim grid of choice, and back? :D

Actually, that'd be a neat feature if you could.

Allen Eppenberger

The concept of allowing the cat to move freely from SL to the web to an app back to SL is cool. But what's to stop a website from thinking the cat is malicious botware?

Dartagan Shepherd

It's the new business model for those up to the technical bits.

SL has gone from innovator, to yesterday technology to stepping stone or gateway to proper technologies with stable product, better documentation and support, real programming languages, etc.

SL is too closed garden and buggy these days (as well as overpriced), the real numbers are "out there".

Like Raglan Shire, it's a good move.

Thankfully mesh also makes content volumes more portable than it used to be.

Pussycat Catnap

One more reason for folks to own land in SL now removed.

callie cline

Hey Pussycat, (nice name btw)

We've seen with our customers, this isn't getting them to not own land at all, it's just a way those who have more cats who would indeed like their house and other fun stuff, to keep what they can have in SL, and use the online CaTTery to do special projects.

As an additional tool that can be used in so many different ways, it's not intended so people wont have land, more just an added feature for them to care for and manage their pets as they'd like for their lifestyles and of course times they can't log into SL and want to make sure their babies are ok :)

In fact many have said they love this new feature but WANT to have as many of their cats inworld with them as possible. :)

@ allen, the cat goes into our online website, and so it knows it's not botware :)

all the best!


Love my KittyCats!

Emerald Wynn

LOVE the online cattery!

I like the little dock that beams them back inworld - I want them to have little Star Trek uniforms now.

Thanks for the mention, Hamlet! :D

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