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Thursday, April 12, 2012


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What about OpenSim, or OpenSim alternative crowdfunders?

For the six digits some of these games are fetching, it seems like more than enough money for infrastructure and well managed contracts and salaries to expedite a real competitor to Second Life.

Not sure exactly what it'd entail, but given two of Second Life's most blogged about competitors in recent years: a voluntarily created OpenSim and grids based on it, and $13 million in investments Blue Mars, there's probably a crowd-fundable middleground of possibility.

Orca Flotta

This is the crowdfunder you always waited for:

~~~~~ SUPPORT ORCA!!! ~~~~~

In fact send her all your money. She'll do something with it, something nice and not harmful. She'll buy more sail yachts, more gowns, hairs and shoes.

Yay shoes!!! Sexy heels, stomping boots, sneakers, sandals, flipflops ...

Who could say no to shoes?

foneco zuzu

Forget about Open Sim, they are competition now!
When they whre just a bunch of crazy nerds, a simple grain of dust on a shiny window, then it was a good theme to speak about!
Now, with Kitely, Inworldz, Avination, 3th rock and many more closed commercial grids around, with thousands of private grids, with several non profit grids avaiable, with residents just leaving Second Life for them, its not a game anymore (See latest rules for Tpv developers, or you conect only to Second Life or your viewer will be banned!).

Metacam Oh

how is that mesh deformer project coming along anyway?

Connie Arida

Yes please. How about a viewer that runs on Android Tablets.

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