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Thursday, May 24, 2012


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Polish auto

Very disappointed


It's a real mystery to me how Blizzard - a game studio famous for it's polished, well designed and user friendly games (in fact to many of us it's the best of the best) - fails in character customization every time. I remember when WoW came out, how disappointed I was that clothing and armor could not be dyed. I'd already been spoiled by years of Ultima Online which had long been offering hundreds upon hundreds of dye colors. Everyone looked unique in UO. But WoW had none of that, and instead we were left with trying to get a reasonable looking outfit together - which has usually been a challenge due to the wince worthy styles they had. It was only a while ago that they finally came out with Transmogrification. Well at least we now have that.

So to see them do a sub par job in Diablo where customization is concerned although everything else about the game is kick ass? Not a surprise to me.

So far I've only been playing the single player storyline, but will most likely get into multiplayer stuff later on and be just as peeved as you. Thanks for posting about this!

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