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Thursday, May 31, 2012


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Luci Koenkamp

I have really no idea what´s so fabulous about these Lego-like skins ... and certainly not the hype around this game. Can somebody explain what there´s to like about it?

Iris Ophelia

Plenty of people say the same thing about Second Life all the time,the avatars look cartoony and weird, what is there to like about it? What do you even do?

It's just a matter of what you're personally interested in and what appeals to the way you want to play a game. You may not like the pixellated style but it's just that, a style. It's nostalgic for some and adds to the appeal in their eyes.

Yes, the game itself is very lego-like. Like SL much of the appeal is building, but there's a survival element that makes it more of a challenge.

SL isn't for everyone, and neither is Minecraft.

Adeon Writer

Luci, look up "Spriting" or "Pixel Artist" you will find there is an entire genre of art devoted to this style.


I think these are absolutely some of the best Minecraft skins!

soundcloud downloader

Careful shading, even if it's just a couple specks here and there, can add a lot of depth to a skin and make it stand out.



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