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Monday, May 07, 2012


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Be sure that this guy is not François Hollande!! But the mail is quite funny.


I wonder if this guy is the same who created a Sarkozy av way back in 2007? He even sells a comic book based on his Sarkozy avatar:

foneco zuzu


Dave Bell

As a non-American, my political views are, of course, less than worthless. But, out here in the real world, rest assured that we have noticed that there are alternative political viewpoints, and we have a more subtle appreciation of the socio-political ramifications than do the minions, political and otherwise, of Goldman-Sachs.

Dizzy Banjo



Huhu, clearly not an official avatar but indeed this mail is... funny.

Well of course when you are président you dont sign like this but "François Hollande, President of the French Republic"

I think this guy is cool ! :D

Pierre Ceriano

Great great joke !
I love it :)

Francois H.

Dear compatriots of SL - Thanks for helping me identify, in the past few days, an isolated island where I was able to send Mr. Sarkozy into exile. He now is in a safer place - and so are we without him...

Here's the very last picture that was taken of him, as we left his new home by virtual helicopter after dropping him. Enjoy: http://alturl.com/2kug5

Your grateful new president,
Francois Hollande

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