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Monday, May 14, 2012


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satine poitier

it works on my htc ! everything works fine and have minimal graphics when i dont move . if i move however it crashes .
so good for messaging and much more functions then the other clients , but vieuws make me crash . mind u its just on my phone so dont mind that to much

Graham Mills

I'm using it on a low-end Samsung Galaxy Y and the experience varies somewhat, especially when swiping to turn the avatar. However, I'm just amazed it works at all. Lots of interest and enthusiasm in the reviews on Play and a very healthy uptick in terms of downloads. Hope we get an OpenSim edition soon.

Seven Overdrive

If only it were available for iOS too. Looks promising though.

connie Arida

At last :)The more penetration into different systems the better for SL.

Rob Danton

Classic SL artwork on the wall in the bedroom.

Jeremiah Whitfield

On my tegra2 tab it works more or less, but if I try to get from 3d mode back to chat, it loses my connection, walking is extremely difficult

Valiant Westland

For me, the absolute BEST feature of this client is ability to stream parcel sound/music to my phone!

I'm running this with "good" performance on a HTC Sensation 4G. Like every SL viewer, the performance depends on both the client HW as well as the Internet connection. To be fair, the Sensation is a dual core device with plenty of memory and is running Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) The performance when I'm not on WiFi or 4G is much less crisp (Zzzzz)

Graham Mills

Performance much improved in latest version which also includes support for OpenSim.

Jeremiah Whitfield

It's improving greatly over time, definitely the best mobile client i've seen, avatars show now and the chat mode is almost perfect

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