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Thursday, May 31, 2012


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The important thing is to establish a community and keep it friendly. If Minecraft helps his estate, awesome, but as Desmond put it that's not the only way to achieve what really matters, a friendly fun community.

Ultimately estate owners resorting to Minecraft and other external perks isn't going to turn land attrition into growth. Linden Lab will have to adjust how they price land if that's the goal.

Linden Lab has had 3 options with pricing:

1. Price for no profit and utmost growth.
2. Price for some profit and some growth.
3. Price what the market can bear for utmost profit and no growth.

They wisely ignored option 1 which most bigger companies in San Francisco vying for TechCrunch coverage don't, and thus have made it 10 years with a single product.

But, they mistakenly became affixed with being just about the only company in any of our lives or any of their lives that charges a giant one-rate flat-fee per month that never gets any cheaper even as hardware and bandwidth gets cheaper.

It's very obvious that Linden Lab isn't oblivious to the fact tier prices are hurting Second Life more than anything else; even the viewer. They're a-ok with how things are. So long as they have a CEO that can brag about incredible profit margins every SLCC, it doesn't matter the hundreds of sims that bled away from one SLCC to the next.

Right now, the sim bleed is still at a slow trickle, but growth and success aren't the only things that can happen on a curve. There aren't many more SLCCs Rod can appear and brag profits while flippantly refuse to discuss tier prices.

Of course, I'm sure if Rod has it his way Second Life won't be the sole nor primary source of revenue for Linden Lab before sim attrition turns exponential if Linden Lab keeps its resolve to price for blood rather than growth.

I guess in the meantime though we can keep championing crowdfunders and Minecraft servers to save sims and buy Linden Lab enough time to create a new money maker.

Pussycat Catnap

Minecraft's hosting prices are where SL's -should- be.

But its too late... the hype is over, and lowering those prices to realistic levels won't bring in a flood of new people...

So we'll just have to wait for whatever replaces SL to be properly priced from the get go, because those execs and 1%ers backing LLs won't accept taking the hit to their coffee budget that is the difference in revenue that would result from lowered tier... Like people who abandon land rather than shortsell it; they'd rather make nothing from a non-existent service than less from a healthy one.

Adeon Writer

I wish SecondLife could have even one drop of Minecraft's community... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCCCD1jMP0o


Kudos to Desmond.. steampunk mines ftw! ;)

Minecraft has been a great win for us @ jokaydia too, and has allowed us to finally build a viable community for kids called Massively Minecraft (many of whom have parents who have or do hang out in our opensim/sl spaces). The interesting thing is we're actually seeing our teen miner's level up past redstone and cubes to wanting scripting and curves ... and thus starting to explore jokaydiagrid and opensim in general.

Having a virtual foot in many environments (including SL) and sharing them all with our community has been a big win and i have to agree a great way to add value.... next stop the cloudparty (maybe!)! ;)

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