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Monday, May 14, 2012


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Dave Bell

Looking at the registration screen for CMO, I'm not sure there's much point. I'm not part of the advertising industry. I'm not the sort of person whose eyeballs they want.

But what does stand out for me is that the advertising agency was engaged with the game development, so that they were able to advertise the product which was delivered, not something that was half never-achieved target. It's almost the reverse of those ingredient lists for cosmetics that use the word "aqua" instead of "water".

Arcadia Codesmith

Frankly I was unmoved by the marketing for Skyrim and had absolutely no interest in it at release.

It was only after it was released and details about the gameplay became widely available that my interest was piqued enough to buy and play the game. The word-of-mouth about an exceptionally well-built game was worth more than all the advertising ever could be.

You can get away with restricting the flow of information about a single-player game, but woe betide the publisher who tries such a childish stunt with an MMO!

When your long-term viability depends on building and maintaining an active community of users, don't play coy with the people who make or break you. Provide them with as much information as humanly possible and actively solicit their feedback.

And what's with this silly eighties notion that heroic fantasy is a geek niche? Did you see the box office for Lord of the Rings? Do you hear the buzz for The Hobbit? How about those ratings for Game of Thrones? That's mainstream, baby!


I don't know that I'd say I was unmoved. I read about this recently. I thought they marketed it ingeniously. Think about all the sales it got. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

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