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Monday, May 07, 2012


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Wizard Gynoid

My offer still stands. If Rod wants to live in one of my domes, I will supply one FREE OF CHARGE if he supplies the land.


Bitter is all she is it's like she don't know how to be anything else not least because of the company she keeps that is a circle of negativity that dwells and feeds off of all Linden Labs perceived and potential mistakes.

Way too much time on her virtual hands we all know SL is a mess and it gets a bit boring if an 'artist' spends 3-4 years repeating and tweeting the same rhetoric.

Unless her style is meant to be a depressing and a downtrodden representation of second life I'd prefer if that shit stayed on the alphaville herald.

Someone who hides from the fall out under a cloak of blocks when she don't like the feedback is not what I'd call an 'artist' as it's more akin to a troll who puts stuff out just to piss others off then when the feedback gets too hot she just blocks you.

I thought the point of being an artist was to instill reactions through your creativity and POV but allow others to come to their own conclusions which might not be the POV you hold, but you should never use that as a basis to mute others out just because you don't agree with it or the joke they make about it. Bitter and promoting cowardliness through her circle of friends is what she is when she don't like you or your POV of her work or tweets.

As an 'artist' if you allowed your work to be seen and talked about in all potential lights you should accept others might have different reactions which is what you want unless you're a troll or a corporation, therefor if you don't like the critique you should be asking why someone came to that conclusion not hiding from it like a coward.

She ain't no artist she's long since become a parody of herself squeezed into a corner with nothing better to do than dwell on the worst of second life and promoting her only promotes more of the same degradational thought processes.


@Bunjie: What?

Pussycat Catnap

Can't say that I know much about Botgirl Questi offhand to make a statement about her either way (chances are I should... but I can't recall anything off the top of my head).

The video, on its own, without consideration for who made it; is funny.

And sadly appropriate...

Hamlet Au

If it was just bitter I would not have blogged it, but I think it cleverly makes the very valid point that Lindens need to walk a mile in their users' virtual shoes. (If I can ruin the joke by over-explaining it.)

Also: please keep NWN's "cocktail party" comment guidelines in mind. Short version: If you wouldn't say it that way at a cocktail party, please find another place other than here to say it.


I need a little clarification on these rules. How many drinks have I had at this cocktail party?.. Is my Mom there? Jus askin..

foneco zuzu



The real question should be if Rod smokes cannabis.

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