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Monday, May 14, 2012


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Adeon Writer

Is there any correlation between the amount of general/moderate/adult regions on the grid, and their distribution on the top charts?

I'd assume, from looking at this, that most of the grid is Moderate rating.

Adeon Writer

Oh and - having a big of fun going down the list seeing how many of these sims use camping bots.

I won't point fingers, because I don't have that many fingers.

Pussycat Catnap

Fairly certain number 1 on the list is bot free.

I used to be a regular there. And as far back as 2009 it was bot-free and still insane in traffic.

The place just attracts nooblets like flies to... well... yeah...

If they actually enforced their theme, it might be fun to still go there. But the LAST thing you will ever find at SNB, is the second word in its title... :) And the first word is a tad hard to find too... :)

That said, the first time I ever saw 'SL blue and pink poseball bouncing' was on the beach there in 2009 - before the adult-content policy existed.

These days it is just hundreds of nooblets all packed in there walking around on default AOs and chatting - kind of like an infoHub, only more vibrant.

I need to get out more often these days - have only been to a few of the rest of the places on the list. I had thought B-Bliss-Island was a mainland Zindra spot. Now I suspect I may have it confused with another similarly named locale.
- Unless the place moved off of Zindra and it has been -that- long since I looked.

I would be curious to see top rated parcels rather than sims - so it could include mainland venues (without the added cushion a mainland sim might get by having 2 popular places on one sim).


Headline Hamlet omitted:

"Brits Fall in Behind Sexy Nude Beach Bums, Hookers and Slave Girls Slip a Bit, Rise Reported for Bound Cowboys, Spooge-Fest Holds Steady at #5."

Little Lost Linden

Miami Island (contains Club Stacks) on the first chart is all bots. It's been that way for 6 months.


Tiffy Vella

I'm glad that you are posting both lists, as it's an interesting comparison. But laughing as Sexy Nude Beach is still the top of both. I'm going to have to go lob up there and see what gives, one of these days. I'll send my nanna in to check it out, nude.

foneco zuzu

I only know Tempura, Crossroads and Frank's place!
Wish to see some really astonishing places on the list, but i'm glad that they aren't, as at least in those we can be without lag!
Still a shame that so many amazing places are closing doors and others seem so popular without deserving that for sure!

Arcadia Codesmith

Some days I suspect that the disconnect between quality and popularity is merely a dissonance between our professed tastes and what we actually value.

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