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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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Wow, that's outstanding!

Brookston Holiday

I've been watching this develop on his youtube channel. I think it works by raycasting the shot from mouselook and using the results of the raycast to place the portal. Then the gun itself "teleports" you from the one portal to the other. I'm wondering if it records the velocity though, before it teleports you, so you can continue moving like in the game.

Here's another fun video from Adeon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsTcCz2mYps&list=UUIvyjoH35Ug5l6jprKrs3WA&index=6&feature=plcp

Lani Global

So simple to do with OSSL script, using

Adeon Writer

Well spotted, Brookston, I'm indeed using raycasting to place the portals and determine if there's enough area for it to fit.

Lani, osTeleportAgent is indeed a handy funtion in OpenSim, and I'm eager to get LL's version of it soon, in the mean time I'm relying on RLV to do my teleports and rotations. And you're correct it's not an incredibly complicated script, just a fun one.

Yes, Brook, I do conserve velocity - expect to see some slingshot puzzles in the next vid! :)

I'd love to have this be a freebie, as would my friend who sculpted the handheld portal device, Snow Bristol, but we won't unless we get an OK from Valve.

Hamlet Au

Adeon, have you seen this fan-made movie inspired by Portal? If not, do so, it's FUCKING AWESOME:


It's been seen 9.2 million times so far and even has an ad revenue stream (which has probably earned the filmmaking team well North of 100K.) They didn't ask Valve's permission to create it, and not only did Valve not mind, Valve promoted it:


"The 30-year-old commercial director and aspiring feature filmmaker made “Portal: No Escape,” a seven-minute movie inspired by the critically acclaimed video game series from Valve Software that features a woman trapped in test chambers that she must escape using a gun that can create entries and exits on any surface. (While Valve was not approached before the shoot, the company has posted the video on its Facebook page)."

Just sayin'!

Adeon Writer

Sweet vid. I know Minecraft has free mods to make that game more like Portal too, but I'm no expert on copyright. Either way, thanks for the blog!

Brookston Holiday

"It's been seen 9.2 million times so far and even has an ad revenue stream (which has probably earned the filmmaking team well North of 100K.) "

I thought that the back of the envelope conversion for views to dollars was between $1 and $3 per 1000 views. If so 9.2 million views works out to between $9,200 and $27,600. Is my conversion rate too low?

Hamlet Au

Maybe. My understanding is YouTube videos which get into the millions of views start bringing in revenue approaching the six figures, because they get a better class of/higher paying advertisers. Not always or even often the case, but I've heard figures of that range from other video creators. In any case, the main point is they're probably making a fair amount of money from this non-authorized Portal fan movie (in large part thanks to Valve.)

Amanda Dallin

Maybe that 100k was in Lindens. lol

Desdemona Enfield

Well, as for 'feel slightly dirty', then we'll all start to feel a little dirty as Linden Labs expropriates more and more of Marine Kelley's RLV features, without giving her credit of course, to make their Linden Realms work.


Ehrman Digfoot

Great job Adeon! I look forward to seeing what you do with the new functions. The official preview video for the experience tools shows a "teleport gun" [http://youtu.be/mGPiywc6Hh0] at :50, but this portal gun is a much cooler implementation. Even if you can't obtain permission to sell the portal gun replica, it seems like it shouldn't be a problem selling a teleport gun like the one Linden Lab shows. Heck, for what it's worth, I'd even offer to model it for you. Valve can't claim the right to such a basic concept.

foneco zuzu

Without trying to divert the post, i have to agree fully with Desdemona and it shock me that Hamlet regards RLV as a "Kinky!"
RLV is one of the reasons why most users don't use a Linden Lab viewer in 1st place and it has nothing to do about "Kinky!"
Ask the blind how they are guided in SL!
Ask so many fashion models how they dress or undress!
And so many more applications RLV allows that are not "Kinky!"
And the hope of seeing Ossl functions on SL, don't get fooled, the Lab will never use something that is not owned fully by them, Ossl functions are not Linden Lab property!


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