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Tuesday, June 05, 2012


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Aliasi Stonebender

And I still think it's an awful idea; it's already monetized - people are buying the avatar, after all. :P

In any case, you don't have to be 'skeptical', Hamlet. I've been making giant avatars for a long time and mesh permits some of the best performing ones yet. A resized mesh is far less demanding than even the nicest sculpty-based body and the scripting is limited to something to adjust height and maybe a mild move-booster to keep the illusion going. (AOs can be done client side, after all.) I'm regularly near the bottom of the script list when I go out to places that have script time and size detection gadgets out.

Adeon Writer

I can buy the fact that they're low-lag. It's not the size of the polygons that matter... it's just the amount.

Adeon Writer

(After all, when you zoom in and get a close look at something in SL, you're... making the polygons bigger.)

Caliburn Susanto

Obviously I'm cluelessy missing something. Why do they need scripts to boost movement? (??) Why not just deform the underlying avatar to a stick figure that stretches out and fills the entire giant body for instant movement response (the same way that the Seawolf Dragons and other over-sized non-human avatars do)?

Ceri Quixote

Just for reference there are two scripts in the avatar, plus a third in the clothing template. For a Mesh avatar, the scripting is entirely optional - it's just there to facilitate customization and the scripts can be removed without affecting functionality once a desired appearance is set.


Waited with anticipation since the Fantasy Faire, where Ceri made quite a sight. For me, it's another SL gamechanger.

Emerald Wynn

YAY!!! I'm excited!

elizabeth (16)

they are pretty cool i think

Ajax Manatiso

What am I missing? You certainly won't be allowed in any one else's land and definitely not in their house. So the purpose of a super-size avi? Stand around your own sim and go "look at me! look at me!"

Ceri Quixote

The concerns you bring up Ajax are among the non technical reasons I won't be selling the 200 foot avatar. However, they really don't apply to the avatars I'm selling. One of my goals with the Colossi project was to create a giant avatar that could be worn just about everywhere. The 2x avatar fits comfortably inside just about any sim, indoors or out, and I've confirmed that there are RP sims that would have no issues with it. The 3x avatar is admittedly more of a display model and better for outdoor use but still works remarkably well in most areas of SL.

Hitomi Tiponi

They are lower lag than most tinies Hamlet. It's always good to see innovation in SL.

Aliasi Stonebender

I've never been 'disallowed' somewhere in any of my large avatars, aside from a few sensible cases (I mean, it's one thing when you have a role-play area where they'd prefer that even visitors wear in-period or in-setting styles, but I do play a hill giantess in one of them).

Yeah, you don't want to bust out the 200-foot avatar that ate the Welcome Area everywhere, but the 9-to-12 foot range works pretty well given the super-high ceilings most SL builds have to begin with.

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