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Thursday, June 21, 2012


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Seven Overdrive

I hope their island rentals will be affordable. I am tired of not being able to afford an island in Second Life to create with.

Botgirl Questi

It's interesting that they're taking the Amazon server approach, like Kitely on the OpenSim platform. That approach allows them to scale on a dime with a consistent utilization/expense ratio that will get better as they increase their volume. It's amazing what they've done with just a few developers.

Damien Fate

Great information Hamlet, thanks!

I can't wait to see how this all unfolds :)

Indigo Mertel

"For example, there are only meshes, no "prims", though we give new users some basic wooden building blocks that are meshes."

I fail to understand the difference between a prim and a "block that is a mesh". A prim is a mesh. Perhaps Sam refers to the enhanced texturing features of their blocks?


@botgirl Yes, very glad to hear their infrastructure is virtualized. If its smart enough to spin up 10 or more instances of the same "island" then maybe its also smart enough to shut down 1 island if no one's there. Second Life's grid is just now getting a semblance of this efficiency via region idling.

Won't praise their infrastructure too much though 'til they announce island pricing. If it's as ridiculous as tier then pfft. I somehow doubt it though because they seem fans of Facebook and no one on Facebook is paying anywhere near 300 dollars a month for anything.

Disappointing to read though that alternative authentication schemes aren't a priority. It sounds like they want to bypass having to create groups, profiles, display names, friend lists, all the things Linden Lab has implemented (and reimplemented numerous times).

I think they're either going to get the success they want with Facebook and not have to worry about the Second Life users they alienate with the Facebook dependency, or if all they end up with is mostly Second Life users their number 1 feature request is always going to be dropping or creating alternatives to the Facebook dependencies.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

@Indigo: I think they mean that, possibly aside from the blocks they mention, you don't create things by gluing together building blocks (which is what prims are); instead, you create a mesh by whatever means and import it.

(If I'm wrong, don't hesitate to correct me.)


Last year I speculated on my blog if SL would launch it's own cloud service and steal Kitely's thunder and it looks like some ex-SL developers did just that with Cloud Party in a little over a year after Kitely. They probably chose a good time to launch too since Habbo Hotel is on the rocks and SL shows no sign of dropping it's prices. But, from what I have seen of CP I wasn't that impressed other than the speed of service and ease of entry. The graphics are pretty awful and the avatars simplistic and there seems to be some similarities to Blue Mars in content delivery. As for building - hmmm!

Also, I am wondering if they are infringing SpotON3D's supposed patent for delivering VW in a browser window. Probably not since it's not floating a viewer but rather, it's using Javascript built on webGL. Still, it's a thought.

Actually, they might do ok in Facebook because it's really quite simple stuff delivery-wise. Farmville, Habbo and IMVU have done ok with simple systems after all.

JoJa Dhara

Again and again like kitely I say. .glad I can bring friends over and make them understand what I have been doing for years. Finally they meet JoJa :-) Like the easy tutorial even I am in doubt iff none virtual worlds users will under stand the concept of building with mesh. Dearly hope for the large facebook crowd soon there will be easy to take step by step mesh tutorials. ...
Looking forward to see the world grow and see the beauty of creations.... Good luck all! :-)
And thumbs up for Cloudparty devolpers!

Sarge Misfit

I popped in and it looks okay, but not worth being assimilated by FaceBorg, so I'll wait on alternate logins.

One huge problem for me is that you use mesh to build. What about those of us who don't have 3D modelling training? My biggest enjoyment is building. If I can't do that, then I don't see much point in being there. After all, all of my friends are already out and about in the Metaverse, where I can build to my heart's content.

Ehrman Digfoot

If their looking for suggestions for better movement, I would love to see implemented what has become universal in almost every VW except SL, namely the ability to press and hold Left and Right mouse buttons simultaneously to move forward while moving the mouse to direct the angle of the forward movement. I've always wished SL would provide this control scheme.


'I popped in and it looks okay, but not worth being assimilated by FaceBorg, so I'll wait on alternate logins.'

Strongly agree, Sarge. I'm not even risking 'popping in'. I don't want my machines infected with facebook's grubby spy tools. Never uploading content because facebook would then own my stuff.

Unfortunately Cloud Party is quite solidly facebook. Alternate logins won't be coming. They should be honest & say its facebook-only with facebook employee Cory Ondrejka running the show.

Charlotte Bartlett

I think they have done a sterling job and I have spent the last few days testing mesh and am sitting here waiting for Marketplace and Land.

I was musing they have taken some very smart approaches to their development so far. I hope this extends to the marketplace / income / cost model.

They will have (I expect) a high user use due to Facebook, so they have to set the model based on scale and not the ridiculous SL amounts (that will always prevent SL being anything other than a niche product - that I still love of course in it's own way).

I was also thinking about how the new Adobe model suddenly makes a lot of sense for what used to be stupid cost software but now is a reasonable cost for commercial users monthly. For 50 bucks a month I get EVERYTHING. If they could make casual islands (low traffic private hang out) small amount of bucks a month (low enough to get the casual FB user to pay up) and commercial island (content on display and whatnot high traffic) at reasonable price point but I would say no more than 50 bucks a month it might work?

Either way and my ideas might be rubbish! It's looking very positive and I am really wishing them all the best in this.

Little Lost Linden

But will there be sex?


The use of high-end 3D tools will limit CP for mere mortals among educators. We talked at length about even prim-based building in SL today. Too many of us lack time, and we hire builders. It takes a heck of a lot of dedication, when you are not evaluated on this work, to even build with prims.

But hiring folks is not a bad thing, as the builders make money.

@Little Lost, where there are people, pixelated or not, sex will follow. But the CP default avatars are pretty far from sexy.

Arcadia Codesmith

Google SketchUp looks like it's as easy or perhaps easier to use than Second Life's prims and the free version allegedly exports to COLLADA, which Cloud Party can allegedly import.

I haven't tried it myself, but I might give it a shot.


@Sarge - They have "prefabs" which work like linksets in SL - you can add multiple meshes to make a more complicated object. So for building in-world you just need a sufficient set of starter shapes to work with. They have given us a few blocks already, and it will not be long before creators add lots more shapes to play with.


I hate this current trend of Facebook only logins BS. It'll be funny when FB fades away and everyone will have to scramble for new login options.


I've been trying to get on cloud party several times a day for the past week. all I get is the thing loading to the pick male or female then the pages freeze up. I still havent gotten in. so pfffth, second life has it's down sides but at least I can get in. and please no helpful comments about how to tweek this or that if I need a computer degree to get the thing working on my computer it's so not worth my time.


make facebook page for avie (1 minute)
download thor
nobodys watching u

Vivienne Daguerre

I am dying to have a look at this, but cannot load it from Facebook, or from their website as an anonymous user. Whenever I try, I get "Server not responding." If someone finds a solution to this problem, please post it!

Arcadia Codesmith

I think "server not responding" is just the usual Beta hiccups. They may take the server down frequently for tweaking, because that's what the Beta is for.


"Server not responding" may have something to do with your browser and websockets.

You can echo test here: http://www.websocket.org/echo.html if you can connect, send and get a response then your browser isn't the issue, it's Cloud Party.

If you get an error there though I'd alternate between latest releases of Firefox and Chrome.

Hitomi Tiponi

I'm intrigued that they claim this is their own vision when so much has been based on SL - even down to their revenue model. They even use 'Outfits', that SL uses, but in CP it is just like a wardrobe, so they use SL terms that are inappropriate. But I suppose 'yes we ripped off the best bits of SL and made it better for WebGL' may result in a lawsuit.

Having said that it is an excellent piece of software and I love the way they have done much of it, not least the tutorial/homes thing. It has real promise and I look forward to the developments they are talking about - especially improving the lousy build camera!

Key Gruin

This sounds promising as a new outlet for content creators given the huge userbase already in place, I am looking forward to how the marketplace pans out.
For those having trouble logging in, I have heard accounts of only Chrome working reliably, even Firefox will stutter and forget IE at this point.

James  OReilly

Join Crowd Party in Facebook

We meet in Kitely World Cloud Computing

and get the scoop about Crowd Funding...

Immersive World Crowd Funding

Troy McLuhan

Last week, it was revealed that Facebook's CTO, Bret Taylor, is leaving Facebook. Two people are taking his place: Mike Vernal and Cory Ondrejka. Cory will be in charge of mobile; his hands will be full.

Crowd Party is a cool idea, especially their decision to stick with web technologies.

Betting on WebGL is a bit risky. Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser doesn't support WebGL natively and Microsoft might not support it for years, if ever. They cite security concerns. Also, almost none of the mobile web browsers support WebGL.

WebGL is basically a JavaScript API for OpenGL ES. There are other ways to get at OpenGL ES functionality in the browser and on mobile devices.

Key Gruin

After I became established through Facebook, was able to login direct to the CP site with a full browser screen for inworld, and yes I had full build rights too. Not sure if they meant to allow this or not...


James  OReilly

What about Vendor Lock-in, and compliance with Immersive Education Iniative iED requirements and specifications for an Education Grid?

-Vendor Lock-in

- Education Grid Requirements Specification

- “Create Once, Experience Everywhere” Video

- In 2010, Second Life was de-listed by the Immersive Education Initiative, and replaced by Open Simulator and realXtend, for the following reasons http://immersiveeducation.org/go/iED_Article_Taking_The_Initiative_CGW.html

Pussycat Catnap

"But will there be sex?"


- You don't need something with good graphics or even 3D for that crowd to show up.

As soon as news media gets wind of this, the sex will arrive - if only in the form of journalist alts doing things so that the journalist's main can be shocked and offended on camera.


Anything that's new and shiny is where I wanna be.

Mesh is a smart idea to remove any meaningful creativity for the average person and allow them to concentrate on the more important aspects of spending money and real-time socializing in a pre-established hierarchy based on age, social status, and appearance.

I think the people who have the most to gain from this will be unmonitored teens.

Troy McLuhan

@James OReilly:

The Immersive Education Initiative seems to think that anything that's not "open and royalty-free" is evil and should be avoided.

By those standards, Windows and Mac OS X are right out, as are iOS, PhotoShop, Microsoft Word, Final Cut Pro, MATLAB, and tons of other software that people all over the world use every day. A school or university would be crazy to adopt such standards: their students would end up ill-prepared.

Tateru Nino

@Troy I don't expect MSIE to ever support WebGL. Microsoft committed to OpenGL back when, as a part of a unification of OpenGL and Direct3D.

All seemed to be going well, then Microsoft panicked, buried the deal, and has categorically refused to have anything to do with anyone else's 3D API standards since. This allergy seems to extend to all cross-platform 3D APIs.

Seren Seraph

Where is flying? A very large part of what I love in SL and Opensim is flying.

Timo Gufler

Looks like there is a lot of innovation in this new virtual world. Since I like sailing in SL, I wonder, how would that be possible in Cloud Party...


MS doesn't support WebGL because some issues about security.

Sepp Schimmer

Had a quick look, very nice tutorial indeed. Unfortunately I wasn't able to try building because that required me to login on Facebook which is close to impossible since I don't have any account on Facebook and would never consider getting one either. Too bad alternative authentication "aren't a priority" for CloudMe.


Hmmm... So, you need a Facebook account. And Facebook requires real names. Does that mean you have to use your real name in Cloud Party?

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