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Monday, June 25, 2012


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Petr Vanbeeck

I went there 2X and wasn't really impressed. It is very SL 2005.

shockwave yareach

That this works at all, and is already incorporating features in Beta which LL refuses to even consider putting into its decade old platform, tells me that the moment one can be a part without Facebook telling your coworkers and boss which sex palace island you go to, Second Life will be on the ropes. If a customer has the choice between being treated like an inconvenience and treated like a valued customer, they will go to where they are treated like a valued customer.

Personally I think a V2.0 Second Life is way overdue. But I've given up hope that LL will ever do anything right, even staring face to face with its own demise.


Good for Cory! He's such a talented, smart guy.

Metacam Oh

congrats. That makes him what, a few seats away from Darth Vader himself?

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Aye, what impressed me most is that it took only 9 months to reach this level :) So one wonders what they'll do in the next 9 months.

As for showcasing Cloud Party as a "cool technology for Facebook", I concur with Hamlet — it's not really feasible. Not yet. Cloud Party has still a too "rookie" approach for that.

Now we can speculate that if, a year from now, people can chat/voice across Facebook pages and CP islands, drag a picture from Facebook into CP and see it on a prim, set up privacy settings on the Facebook tab for application settings and see them be reflected immediately on a CP island, "like" items and places on CP and see them on your timeline... well, those would start to be real cool integration attempts between Facebook and CP!

Ironically, you could do all that in SL as well (yes, even voice integration with Facebook users), since Facebook has a lot of APIs (and includes some open protocols like XMPP for chat), if only LL bothered to spend some development time implementing them, as I mentioned over a year ago...

foneco zuzu

Ok can any tell me waht is so special about Cloud that Kitely does not have already and more?

shockwave yareach

800,000,000 users ready to use it the instant it's out of beta? A huge company backing it with billions of dollars in capital at the ready? A company that regardless of its scummy business model, DOES know how to build systems that actually function?

I just looked at the Kitely website. Dozens of worlds, and not even ONE single solitary user is logged in? You know, if I want empty, I can wander Mainland of SL for free...

Connie Arida

I see they have already taken a HUGE lesson from SL. (Smirks)


What does facebook plus cloud party really equal?
100 million worlds push button created.. all empty.
wander that fact to come.

Pussycat Catnap

"Ok can any tell me waht is so special about Cloud that Kitely does not have already and more?"

I thought Kitely was just an Open Sim with a fee tacked on? Is it unique software?

I think the metered pay is a BIG mistake, but if it is unique software, I need to otherwise re-examine my impression of what it is a lot.

Cloud is wholly original software, if not an original idea.

Timo Gufler

When I visited in Cloud Party, most of the avatars there had a pseudonym FB account. Meanwhile the future of pseudonyms in FB is unclear. Also, the lack of CP-only friends list is a huge shortcoming. I'm wondering, how these three issues will work together...

foneco zuzu

Clud is facbook, that means for a lot of People ´that have a bit of decency, a place to avoid and despize!

Desdemona Enfield

This one suggests that you all check out CP's scripting language.


Granted that LSL is Turing complete, modes of language expression do make a difference when writing scripts. This language automates much of the LSL script code which I am constantly writing.


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