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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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Brookston Holiday

As a stand alone maybe it would be just like a vic20 game... but imagine if the tech were used as the back end to a quest that you ran inside of second life. Where each choice from dio was tied to actions you actually performed within second life. It could be used to run quests like you see in WoW and similar games only you would be designing them in a dedicated environment instead of using LSL and notecards. I think this, combined with pathfinding, could be used to make some pretty kick ass experiences.

Pussycat Catnap

The concept described above sounds like "pick your path Adventure Books" from the 1980s.

Those were actually quite popular. I'm not in education so I don't know; but I've not heard of much in terms of a digital version of them.

Wikipedia implies a dead market:

- Which means, with the growth of eReaders, this might be a good path to go down. Something aimed at Kindles and Nooks for the pre-teen set perhaps?

Arcadia Codesmith

Going back to basics can open up paths you missed the first time around.

Metacam Oh

Typifies everything about Linden Lab... out of touch.

Adeon Writer

Sounds like a MUD maker. Maybe I'm wrong?

Either way, a tool like that has great use in Second Life, if properly integrated.

Too hard to tell without seeing it firsthand.

I have little doubt there's far more to it than Jessica has seen.


Interactive fiction is going through a renaissance at the moment, take a look at grand text auto, interactive fiction of all sorts is exploding because of its potential use in games, Ms. short's stories I find charming, her latest on vary tales is great. Would be willing to bet this will be incorporated into a product at some point.

elizabeth (16)

one thing that oldbies sometimes miss when chat about the olden days, is that todays young people werent even born then

so what is old/been there done that, for their parents generation is new for them

Ajax Manatiso

When do they start work on Pong II ?


Motel Hell and Bates Motel?

Sure...bring on the kids. I know...it's alpha.

As for text-based interactive fiction for kids? I'd say yes, at my wife's school as a test market. Pussycat Catnip and NWN's Desktop partisans get ready to throw something heavier than a tablet at me: nearly all classrooms are kitted out with iPads. Increasingly, if it won't run on one, it won't be used.

I'd think Dio would work as an app on a tablet. Fire up the modem, log into the BBS, and let's party online like it's 1989!

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