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Thursday, June 07, 2012


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Those are some very nice edits!

I have to admit, I'm pretty lazy about editing out avatar imperfections in my snapshots. I use Liquify on the really obvious stuff: wonky knees and elbows that get all "raggedy" due to a pose, and I will sometimes edit a nose here and there when those little side-bump things bother me too much.

Other than that, though? I'll just leave edges looking a bit unrefined and perhaps slightly boxy, lol. You are right, though, the overall effect is so nice in your "after" shot. I'll consider putting more effort into smoothing out my av the next time I'm PSing a pic.

Arcadia Codesmith

You have a crazy light touch. Do you work at this scale or do you scale it up to work?

Pussycat Catnap

I prefer unedited screenshots. Postwork on an image doesn't represent the true nature of the scene. Though I understand it is quite popular to do.

Not lazy to not edit; but a specific choice to refuse to manipulate.

Iris Ophelia

@Melanie More often than not I just use liquify for the most glaring issues like the nose and shoulders, and save things like fiddly eye details for when I'm in a particularly anal mood. I'd never do this sort of full work up on an everyday blog post picture, I'm just not that patient LOL

@Arcadia When I liquify I usually magnify the area to really get in there for stuff like the tear ducts, and zoom out for things like shaping the shoulders and cheeks, since I do those with a much much larger brush size. I also keep my brush strength fairly low so that even my super newbish unsteady hands can get decent results. :D

@Pussycat I should probably state for the record that I almost never spend more than 15 minutes in PS on any one picture for NWN, because Hamlet is more of your opinion than mine... And because I'm just super impatient. The choice to edit or not to edit is tricky and personal and depends a lot on what role you think your pictures have to your audience; I like to do touch ups for more artsy 'editorial' shots like this one, but when it comes to showing/reviewing a specific fashion item I generally believe that Photoshopping should be minimal at most, in order to be as honest as possible about the products. And I've written before about how perfectly nice pics are easily obtained in SL without any Photoshopping at all, so of course I don't believe that Photoshop is mandatory for a well-crafted SL pic! :)


Another liquify tip: facial expressions in SL are just awful. Liquify, used right, can give you a subtle smile (or even a half-smile, which I often use), some tension in your eyes, a lift or lower in your brows, all of which can create a much more realistic and interesting facial expression.

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