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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


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Amanda Dallin

How about an artist to make the horrible avatars look better?

Dartagan Shepherd

Not sure why the redirect from a light to heavy experience, but true about the viewer, what a beast when you have something to compare it to.

Maybe just not enough time to port or re-create enough of the artwork into Cloud Party. Or possibly the difference in object/triangle counts from one to the other for the existing stuff.

Still getting used to a relog consisting of just refreshing the browser page, it's just too easy and quick.

Tested Cloud Party on a few different machines. Getting love from hardware that can handle up to a half dozen or more simultaneous logins without complaining.

Still tons to get done in Cloud Party for features, but I'll take Cloud Party's 4 developers with experience in game engine coding over LL's 300 employees that can't figure out what a virtual world is and how to make it a great stable platform after 10 years for its existing customers.

It's not just about lighter weight though, just tons of cruft we never needed in a virtual world, like "economy", mainland, separate in-world vs. web sales, land reselling, etc.

At any rate, looking forward to seeing some great builds at CP in the near future.

Frans Charming

Cloud party has the same problem as SL in regards to loading content. I went to the moya flyland and tried to run around but kept being blocked by invisible walls. Turned out it was content that still had to download. If the flylands become as rich as SL islands I expect it to have the same loading issues.

JoJa Dhara

Just be patient Frans ;) but true sometimes new items can be tricky but all is in Beta and building up... more beautifull flylands to explore


Famous SL designer Maxwell Graf also has a large island visible as a skull on the horizon of Aristide's. In the past week most of my friends have moved to CP too, and to top it off my CP neighbour is a Linden! I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, especially the Facebook logins, but it would seem a migration is certainly taking place.

Cube Republic

I was lucky enough to spend some time with the famous Maxwell Graff on cloud party, but it was hard to get close to him due to all the paparazzi flashing lights.

maxwell graf

meh @ cube. I am a schmo, sitting at my computer in my spiderman underoos with cheetoh dust all over me, just like everyone else.

As for cloud party, Im enjoying the experiment so far. Its good to see so many SLers over there, and already doing interesting work. After bluemars I must admit to being a bit gunshy, but even so feel it merits further exploration and some time to learn the tools there. The possibility, even remote, of some part of the 900 million FB users being exposed to virtual worlds through CP is too much to ignore. Any exposure the rest of the world can get to the magic you can experience inside virtual reality is a good thing, and LL needs some competition to prod them out of the complacent sleep they are in. Is it going to kill SL? I dont think so, but it may make LL step up their game at least.

I dont plan on leaving SL anytime soon, but I cant ignore something as interesting as CP either.

Moni Duettmann

I don't get it. When I follow the link I only get the usual castle in a soap bubble. Where is the art of this artist?

I see the point in Cloud Party - it's much closer to "the internet", so it could be a step in making the internet 3D and virtual, as we imagined years ago, when we joined SL. But still CP is light years away from being anything like SL. It starts with the joystick not working in a browser and doesn't end with the strange kind of bubble world in the sky that lacks any landscape imagination. I'm not sure if any of these handicaps can be solved without diving into the problems SL had and painfully managed to come by step by step.

Cube Republic

Was teasing Max, you're a good friend and a pleasure to talk to :)


"As we imagined years ago", Vrml 1996 and still the browser's war.


@froggie, not quite 1996. Micro$oft is no longer quite as able to stifle, or buy up and ruin, any technology that threatens its revenue model.

So maybe CP can amount to something eventually, unless you use the IE browser of course. That's the only thing that has not changed since '96.

Masami Kuramoto

I want to get an island, but CP does not accept PayPal. So I'm stuck with OpenSim for now. :(

foneco zuzu

I really can advise is to those who can handle it, to use Niran's latest release on SL!
And if any wants to explore amazing worlds, well Open sims are full of wonderful amazing regions and no need to use Mad face login!

foneco zuzu

And Masami, you are nost stucked with open sim, you are blessed with it!

Roland Legrand

It's fascinating and yes, the fact that it could eventually interest some Facebook-users is great, as is the fact that no downloads are needed.

However, I guess I'm still a bit traumatized by the Blue Mars experience, the Lively-failure and the Metaplace shut-down.

As it happens, many of the users of Blue Mars and Metaplace were already part of the unfortunately smallish group of people who are interested in open-ended, user-generated virtual environments.

Often they belonged to the even smaller group of 'builders' in those environments.

However, at the end someone asks tough questions about ROI and things like that, and projects which only gain traction among some hundreds of participants are not very likely to be interesting business-wise.

So, visiting Cloud Party and counting there about twenty to thirty people, I have my doubts, even though the project is still very young. Of course, I do hope I'm wrong and that the project will succeed.

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