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Monday, July 30, 2012


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Oh, RIP Chris :(


I met his avi a couple of times, and he was never less than charming and delightfully sharp. I hope I am still that sharp in my late 80s!


I was amazed when i first found out that one of the most influential film-maker ever was in SL. And even so amazed that his presence in SL was not recognized in RL whatsoever. It was actually the first hint for me that SL might work on a popular-culture base, but never as an intellectual or conceptual tool for RL work.
Same with Yona Friedman's short presence realizing his Ville Spatial which also stayed almost unnoticed in RL (considering the amount of books published in the resent years about his work even more astonishing).
If those two intellectual giants were not able to bring SL into RL (or to connect SL with RL) nobody ever can (not even Duran-Duran lol).
In this respect SL is a failed state (measured at Philip's initial concept) and its only future is mass-market pop. With Chris' death I see for the first time that SL's future only works as a "game" with all the consequences for an online-game. With Chris SL died as he and we oldbees knew it.
Now i need a shot of absinth.

Eupalinos Ugajin

We will take care of "GEE" (his orange fat cat avatar) and imagine Second Life is a beta of "The Invention of Morel" : http://www.flickr.com/photos/eupalinos/7676934342/

foneco zuzu

What matters is that the memories of the ones in SL will be preserved inside SL!

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