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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


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Emperor Norton

Don't you think that's it going down the rabbit hole a bit to far when you mix up a screen shot from a computer game with a picture of real life violence?

Hamlet Au

That's a good point; I actually considered running the Spanish Civil War photo alongside the DayZ screenshot, but decided against it for that very concern.


VR is so real - it can fool you to thinking you are killing a person - even a zombie person.

So you get to feel what it is to kill. Congratulations, you are a killer. And in order to fit in with the crowd you will pretend it is no big deal and just keep killing. And then you will wonder why you need drugs to sleep.

VR horror games are an evil that will be incomprehensible to future generations. Don't contribute to this awfulness.

Work on stuff that matters.

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