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Thursday, July 26, 2012


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Rand's "canceled" MMO?

http://mystonline.com/en/ Uru is more then active, it's open source. The Community makes new assets that then get patched into the main server.

Eleri Ethaniel

Myst and games that that are *perfect* for tablets and other non-joystick/keyboard/mouse interfaces. Game designers just need to think outside the framework of joystick direction driven control. As a friend of mine says "I have 10 fingers that can touch a tablet, let me *use* them!"

When the wii first came out, people thought that it would create a resurgence in exploration-based adventure games, but none of the big companies went that direction.

Fortunately, with the advent of Kickstarter and direct delivery games, smaller studios like Cyan Worlds aren't hamstrung by needing to convince a publisher that they should fund their game, when the publishers are looking for the Next Big Thing rather than solid creativity and innovation.


Yay! I'm buying the Myst app tonight.

Graham Mills

fyi Lumiya runs on both SL and OpenSim grids. I wonder how many Nexus 7 purchasers gave any thought to it? I guess it's early days but it feels like an opportunity lost given they all had a voucher to spend on Play.

Roland Sassen

You can have all your virtual worlds on your tablets, please have a look at our proof of concept video at wonderschool

foneco zuzu

Question is, for how long you will have eyesight that will be able to enjoy it.
being younger we forget so much that we will regret often later!

Ajax Manatiso

SL on a tablet? Sort of like watching football on an iPhone -- everyone looks like an ant.

shockwave yareach

Sorry. But unless something really amazing happens during the creation of the tablet viewer, I won't be convinced that a tablet can run SL when so many uberpowered computers with much more ram and storage and dedicated 3D graphics cannot.

Graham Mills

Lumiya runs pretty well on a Nexus 7 -- I was able to navigate both up and down the winding paths on the Mont St Michel region. There are many unsupported features (see lumiya.tiddlyspace.com for a partial list) but if you check out the reviews on Google Play, they're actually very positive. ymmv, of course.

Adeon Writer

You got to talk to Rand. I'm jealous. Guy's two of my childhood heroes in one, both himself AND his role as Atrus. :)

It would be a dream come true if Cyan started making new adventure games <3 I owe my surname to his series! The Myst series was like nothing else out there.

Connie Arida

Would be nice for LL to do a free open source Android version of the viewer.Will be trying it out on my Nexus 7 though the non 3d Android app SL client works fairly well too.

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