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Thursday, July 05, 2012


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Cloud Party's privacy policy does mention logging in from Google+ so that seems to be in the works, as does iOS access.

Here's the link to the CP privacy policy.


Please don't post stuff like this in the secondlife reddit, however valuable you might think this will be to users of secondlife it has in fact NOTHING what so ever to do with Second life.


Argh, in haste I changed my display name not realizing it would still connect with my FB picture and account. Now I'm stuck with my FB picture and account and my SL name, an even worse position than before.

JoJa Dhara

It might be not commfertible but it is all for safety.

But he great the picture is made on Artistide Depress Island. Please have look at her Island and creations near her house but also do not forget to look on LEA 22 on SecondLife.

I love this way of using the worlds. I am not screaming right away O this is the competion of Second life or other Open Source Platforms. But i do see an extension for your creation on another world that is easier to acces and make non virtual worlds users comfirtible to move to the next.


Hi this is great post about How To Change Your Name On Facebook and people really benefit for this.

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