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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


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Callum Prentice

When you post a status msg, there is a drop down to the left of the blue Post button. At one point, I set that to something else - Custom I think - so only a few people saw my posts. It's sticky though and a bit hard to spot so it's easy to send everything else you post there too.

Maybe you changed it recently and it's stuck there?


Hamlet goes to Coventry?



All kidding aside, this is kinda scary. I hope some random FB admin hasn't sent you to Coventry and that you get things resolved quickly.


I have heard somewhere that if your friends don't consider you important enough, you kind of drop off their walls. You can change that around by asking to see more of certain friends posts. I'm pretty egalitarian about my wall. Consequently, it is full of junk.

Hamlet Au

That fixed it, Callum, thanks much!

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