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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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Adeon Writer

My Portal gun is finished, fully working, and will be given out as soon as I get an OK from my buddy who build the model. (who is still sleeping!)

Damien Fate

The features are great, however they are unfortunately limited compared to the versions of the code that seems to be in place on Linden Realms.

For example, the teleport agent script only teleports owners of the object. While I can see *why* they decided to do this (the big G), in my opinion it would have been much more useful if it was similar to auto attach and just gave a permissions prompt. Otherwise it's uses are a bit limited.

I would like to see auto attach also be possible for non-object content, like alpha layers - that way you can demo a piece of mesh clothing too.

My 2 cents.

Adeon Writer

Hopefully we can do that stuff when experience permissions come around, Damien.

Another problem I've run into already is they nerfed how often it can be used. Not rapid enough for a good portal gun! :(

Damien Fate

@Adeon most likely.

I forgot about the throttle, I ran into that too x.x


Teleporter thing is underwhelming, and /feels/ like it can be abused.

The temporary attachment is great, though I'm disappointed in how long it took to create.

The spam with "anti-spam" measures seems like...well it's probably going to be spam. Making it a pretty picture, 3x the size, and on the other side of the screen doesn't really change that. (Though I also don't know if the "feature" is on/off, or if you can be selective)

I hate to say it, but somehow Torley's voice has gotten more annoying than it was back in the days Torley was talking up Dazzle. Needs to ham it up...a lot less.

I don't see myself nor the sims I play in using any of this. Though the shops I hit up, if they're going to be using mesh - I'd like to see some Temporary Attachment. Maybe for guns and hair shops too.

foneco zuzu

All i know is that the oens trying to build anything on the Beta grid with the new path finding, just crashes at all times, nothing working and so on.
Really, Linden Lab, focus on what you did good, like the cross sims (at least for those using V3.5 viewers tpv's, GET INTO THE F*****WORLD with a great viewer (Try Niran's with the new tone mapping water preset!)and just sail on the Black Sea!
Then you can feel that your work is worth and risking screwing all is not worth!

shockwave yareach

A very simple permissions solution to the griefer problem is to have a script in a device you wear grant permission for TeleportAgent, just like we have permissions for animations. You pick up the portal gun - script executes the permission. Now any and all forced teleports work on you. Take item off, no more forced teleports. In this way the griefer gun won't work unless you're wearing something giving permission, rendering the griefer even more impotent than he is in real life.

It shouldn't be hard to add to the existing permissions code.

Ajax Manatiso

Im hoping that hair makers will use the temporary attachment. Its annoying to go to clubs and other places and see someone with the word "demo" floating over their heads.

Kadah Coba

I'm wondering if they at all thought about temp attachments being used with rigged mesh. LL's viewer doesn't allow for selecting/clicking on rigged attachments due to performance concerns, and temp attachments do not show up in inventory, so you couldn't detach it from their either, so the only way to remove them, that I've been able to find, is to relog... o.o Well ok then.


I'm totally underwhelmed.

elizabeth (16)


the way you propose is how it works on the realms. the problem with this is the cascading effect you can make. would take about 20 minutes on the weekend to crash the entire grid


also would be virtual impossible for 10s of 1000s of avatars to log back in. each time they tried then they get autocrashed again

linden would have to reset every affected account

Metacam Oh

I have to agree, I was expecting more.

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