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Friday, July 27, 2012


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Ajax Manatiso

And I also doubt that there has ever been a newbie who searches out blogs for proper etiquette before inflicting themselves on the general SL population. Usually takes being banned in several sims before they suspect their behavior hasn't been met with overhwelming joy.

Sasy Scarborough

lovely post, a great tip to offer new residents is that you do not have to friend everyone you meet, but can offer your calling card and if you have actually enjoyed a conversation with someone, ask for theirs.

This shows that you understand that while you are new and would love to meet everyone, you still know there are boundaries, but would like to keep in touch, and maybe form a more lasting friendship over time.

To give a calling card, just right click the avatar and then click more and give card or offer card - depends on the viewer.

Jo yardley

A (free) tip to make some money is, go visit a roleplaying sim.
Sims like mine (the 1920s Berlin Project) have jobs for everyone, you can for instance roleplay being a shoe shine and make a few linden every time you pretend to clean someones shoes.
But in roleplay settings people are also more willing to actually give money to beggars.
If you're in the Wild West or 1920s Berlin, someone who plays along, dresses up and then tries and get some lindens from you to feed their hungry children or because they don't want to sleep in the street is usually successful.
You won't make a fortune that way, but when you're new, every linden helps.

shockwave yareach

Ajax - Exactly. But having this in a notecard to hand to offensive newbs? That would be a good idea, along with some LMs to the freebie places.


Good advice, Iris.

As a mentor in the now-defunct program, I had this stock reply to noobs wanting to find "teh sex," before leaving Orientation Island:

"type the word 'sex' into the search window. Then go look! Have fun!"

Never heard a complaint.

As for money-grubbers, I gave them LMs to a few of the better freebie stores of the era. I accepted their friend offers and usually deleted most the next time I logged on.


Good point. Thinking back, if there wouldn't have been the thing called "camping" when i signed up i would have probably left again. These were the places where i got between 1 to 5 L$ per minute, met my first friends, learned a lot by listening to peps (got the back then essential "anti-afk and anti-log-out orb").
2 hours camping/chatting/socializing then shopping.
Maybe it would be a good idea to establish official LL noob (up to 2 months) camping areas to establish a kind of base to earn some money and meet people.
(Of course with some tricks to prevent the usual abuse: creating and alt, turning off automatic log-out in firestorm and sitting there afk for 2 months without stop)

Ajax Manatiso

Great idea Sunny. The oldtime folks like myself learned so much in the camping conversations when we first started out. I doubt any newbie would read any notecard but open chat is right there for you.

Arcadia Codesmith

I'll second Jo's advice. I will consider requests for money from somebody who can entertain or amuse me. That's payment for value received.

There's a similar dynamic for sex, but the bar is a little higher :)

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