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Monday, July 16, 2012


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Sandy Sandalwood

I've gone to several of these at various times of day and night and I don't believe these average avatar counts at all for many. They must have islands of bots secreted away at 4,000m.

Since you asked, I would say many are not worth the time invested, especially when there are many others with lower average avatar counts that are far more rewarding to visit, IMO.

Pussycat Catnap

The first two are really an indicator of newbie conduct.

One is a very busy new resident help area. And unlike places like Help Island, its moderated, so folks don't get chased off. And chat happens, so they stay.

The other purports 'nekkid stuffz' - but if you go there, you'll have trouble finding anyone sans-outfit, let alone anyone sexy, let alone finding the beach amidst the lag from hordes of newbies wearing low-quality freebies.
- BUT you will find a lot of chat. So folks stay, and chat.

Many of the others speak to the primary things newbies do: look for free stuff and xxx. Combine the two and you get /win on traffic.

Ajax Manatiso

Just a check in search shows several of those sims have nose-dived in traffic lately which makes me wonder if LL is starting to enforce the bot rules

Little Lost Linden

"Just a check in search shows several of those sims have nose-dived in traffic lately which makes me wonder if LL is starting to enforce the bot rules"

That would be negative.

See that Ambrosia Club? That cluster of dots that looks like a number 11 is all bots. QMRNA is usually just bots. Some KSA sites are bots, and some are legit. Miami Island which sometimes makes the list is all bots. Many others as well.

Jo yardley

Not only have I not visited most of these, I've only heard about 3 or 4 of them.

Ajax Manatiso

The reason I say this is that Sweethearts always has traffic of over 75000 but now shows about 22000, and now Yiff Spot Region shows about 500 which wouldn't put it in the top 1000 -- I really believe bot enforcement is here and very few of these "top 50" will make it into next month's list.

foneco zuzu

Crossroads, frank's , those are not bots places!
Tenpura is not a bot p+lace for sure:)

Phil Kearny

Ambrosia Dance Club has never run bots in 6 years. If Little Lost Linden actually took a minute to visit the club he would find that its all real traffic.

But this is obviously a person with an agenda. Dead right about the other bot factories. Wrong about the cluster. A cluster of people on a dance floor is called real traffic because that is what real people do. They congregate together to chat.

ivoni Miles

I work 5 years for Ambrosia Dance Club and we NEVER used bots. The traffic is real and it's the most interactive place you can find in SL. REAL people having fun and discuss about several topics. Sorry, Little Lost Linden. You can come over have fun with us though if you like!

Jackson Tigerpaw

As following what a Phil said, Little Lost Linden seems very, very lost. The idea of bots filling Ambrosia Dance Club is preposterous, and seen by the many real people that do come through the club on a daily basis. When a club is run on an atmosphere designed to integrate communication and a pleasant environment, people come, they socialize, and they leave. The fact that there is always a cluster of real people coming and going is a prime example that this is a thriving club, and deserves to hold the name, Best Club in Second Life.

Alexavia Heaney

I have been playing second life for 6 and a half yrs. As a fellow dj of Ambrosia never have I seen any bots at the club. It is hard work and determination to be the best that keeps that club on top where it belongs.

Hamlet Au

It's a pretty serious thing to assert that a sim has bots unless it's definitively proven. Little Lost Linden, if you're going to do so, please document your claim, which should include contacting and quoting what the sim owner says about the charge.

Molly Graycloud

@ Little Lost Linden - I've been working at Ambrosia for nearly a year now. Knowing how things work I know that Phil would never allow his clubs to be run by bots. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to devalue and defame the name of Ambrosia. Seems like a very Troll thing to do. I wouldn't speak on other clubs since I've not spent much time in them but I can say that Ambrosia and its sister clubs are genuine and it has taken the hard work and consistency of the real people involved: The dj's, The dancers, and Phil Kearny (who I have watched personally put countless hours into the design and layout that entertains 100's of people every day)

Edi Bovarro

Wow..i didn't know i was working as a bot at Ambrosia. Pretty funny to even read a thing like that. Personally the clubs i have been to in my whole SL-time have host's and others just using their damn shouting huds to scream at people as soon as they enter the sim, don't even have time to see anything when you're oh so welcome, which makes me run out. So please, do come and see us, we show you how bot we are :)

Justininho Difference

Little Lost Linden must have a bit of a Little Lost Mind by not looking further then beyond his nose as we say it Holland. I have been to almost all the top places in the last two years and most of them run on a fair amount of people walking in and out. If quality is something you can measure, then I am sure some places would fall off the list and others would come higher as someone said...but that is not what is measured here and that is a matter of taste and matters of tastes are not something to discuss as there is no reason to have a taste, nor there isn't a reason to not have one... follow :)

Clusters of people are usually people on a dancefloor when you go check them out and on the minimap they show as round green dots... as they are on your level. If they are not...then count the amount of heads around and the green dots. At least it gives you something to do :) wich is good for traffic btw.

Places like Ambrosia, Rez and The Grind don't need bots cause they deliver quality, wich keeps people comming back. Others give them sex of all alloy wich keeps people comming back. It is called psychology of the human group and species.

Last but not least... never assume on anyones wrongdoing untill proven guilty. You could also say... Ambrosia Dance Club is the best Dance Club on the whole grid being the first with the word Dance in it wich at least it makes clear what it stands for. Allways doubt but never assume, always look further and never close your eyes.

Good Times :)

Mercy Mangala

Little Lost Linden your name really suits you. If you tp into Ambrosia Dance club any time of the day and follow that cluster of green dots on your map you will find real people with real lives having real conversations. Ambrosia has amazing DJ's who have a lot of fans, they have really fun events, & a huge mall to go shopping! I'm proud to work for Ambrosia Dance Club and have made so many friends from our great traffic! :)Come see us & I am sure you will have a good time too!

Katefusion Sixpence

I'm pretty new to the Ambrosia family as a dancer, but not as a patron to it, or its sister clubs. The reason I applied to work there was hardly because its a botted up, boring club, but because the real ppl that come there are the best. I spend a lot of time greeting and socializing with real ppl who respond back to me. I'm sure bots aren't scripted to do such things. And I know, if you've indeed bothered to visit, you were greeted as well. Like with any club, some days are slower than others, but I can assure you whether there are 20 or 59+, they are all very much real.

Liz Silentghost

I've been working for the Ambrosia Dance Group for over 6months now and I have NEVER seen a bot on the sim ever. Maybe take a few minutes and come check it out before you start making assumptions :-)

Jett Aldrin

Little Lost Linden....what an appropriate name. It appears you got lost on the way to Ambrosia and ended up somewhere else instead. I DJ'd at Ambrosia for well over a year, and never once did they have bots on the sim. The people that visit Ambrosia do so because they love the club, the entertainment, and the fun times they have with all the real people there.

I've been in SL for many many years and worked at dozens of clubs, and Ambrosia was by far my favorite because of the people....real people...that came there to have fun.

Next time you want to check out Ambrosia, I highly suggest using SL's built-in map feature to make sure you get to the right club...then you can become Little Amazed Linden instead of Little Lost Linden.

Putanesca Carducci

Being in SL for over 6+ years and as a former dancer and patron of the Ambrosia Night Club..ummmm is that why when it shows there are 100 people on the sim, they are having a bot party? Damn once again my invite was lost. ROFL!!! ummm Little Lost Linden....are you sure you aren't a bot? Instead of being a map whore...really stop into the places...strike up a conversation...they will answer you. Now it's funny...I see all kinds of names here I recognize, but yours....you don't even post your RL Second Life name...are you a disgruntled employee, or someone who used to cause nothing but grief and have been banned...Seriously though, if you REALLY took the time to come into any of the 3 clubs, Ambrosia, Rez or The Grind, you would find REAL PEOPLE and not bots....Thank you and now I return you to your regularly scheduled program... :)

Sofia Diage

I'm an Ambrosia DJ and have had 102 avatars (yep, it can happen) at one of my sets. Ambrosia has consistently high numbers of real people, and doesn't need bots.

Offer a quality product, people will come. Lesson to learn, Little Lost Linden.

DJ Rainie Resident

I am one of the DJ's for the Ambrosia Entertainment Group, I have worked other clubs that have used bots, I assure you Ambrosia does not. When we entertain it is to many REAL people, who interact with the DJ's, dancers and the other VIP's.

Maybe Little Lost Linden should come visit one time, BEFORE blogging something that is totally untrue. I will be happy to invite Little Lost Linden to one of my sets, look in the events for Ambrosia Dance Club. For that matter come to ANY of our wonderful DJ's sets 24/7, 365 days a year to see for yourself. Then you can write a blog about how HOT the club is, how the DJ's talk to you not AT you, how our dancers greet each and every REAL person. Lost Little Linden are you up for the challenge to find out the truth? That Ambrosia's traffic is REAL traffic... who knows Lost Little Linden you may find you like it!

TJ Lusch

For you to say that places are running bots without even visiting the place really makes you look stupid. I have watched Ambrosia grow and grow from virtually day one and can say that this place deffenantly does not run bots. If you took the time to visit it and interact you would see that. The crowd is always active unlike other places where they just stand around saying nothing. The djs are mostly entertaining and that makes people want more. Lost little linden go visit ambrosia see for yourself and who knows you may find yourself.

Vivian Baxter

Hello I'm one of the elite staff of ambrosia. I love it there. people there are real and friendly and alot of fun. I encourage anyone that thinks there are bots to come and see for yourself. It's all real baby. ;)

Korten Resident

Little Lost Linden,

I have been a patron to Ambrosia for a year and a half. Your claim that a cluster of 11 people is "all bots" is nothing more than a fabrication or a bad assumption on your part. Perhaps, you should go check out the club, actually walk your avatar in there, and see for yourself. The club employs REAL staff members, not bots. The patrons are REAL people, not bots. There is always constant interraction between the DJ's, dancers and patrons. There is no need for bots at Ambrosia or its sister clubs when it offers the best of the best - LIVE entertainment. Shame on you, Little Lost Linden!

Shelby Loudwater

Little Lost Linden, you said: "See that Ambrosia Club? That cluster of dots that looks like a number 11 is all bots."

-I assume you must be a person who had been long time in SL.
-I assume too that you have done an extensive research about how "dots" get distributed in a sim.
-I assume you must be a very responsable blogger who confirms a situation just AFTER have verified it by yourself.

All that would make of any person a responsable blogger and a trustable source when it comes to opinions.

So i guess when you saw the "dots that looks like a number 11" you went straight there to verify? Wait, what you mean? You didn't? Oh then that is why you didn't get to see that Ambrosia is a Club with live people, NO bots.

And that is why you, in a very irresponsible way, gave an opinion that is a lie, ruining just your reputation, because is obvious that any person who want to go visit us, will find there is no bots at the Club.

As other people have said before, i invite you too to come to the Club and check by yourself, and then just maybe "comment" again, how the dots clustered in a same place that looked like bots are real avatars who are concentrated in a specified area that is the Club, and where they are dancing.

Have a nice day

geemix Newall

Little Lost Linden needs to learn to do their homework!!! If they had, they would know the owner of Ambrosia has a reputation as being "The Bot Hunter" and in NO WAY allows bots anywhere near the three clubs.

All those dots are the valued patrons and staff.

I have worked at the club for 3 and a half years and have to say your lack of fact and your sheer ignorance towards such places shocks me.

Wouldn't surprise me if you had to get help from a grown up to write your lame article.

Get facts, do your homework, then...maybe you can class yourself as a blogger. Until then....go back to playing with your barbie n ken dolls and come back when your balls drop!

Pussycat Catnap

"See that Ambrosia Club? That cluster of dots that looks like a number 11 is all bots."

Ambrosia Club is pretty much a top to bottom list of the people on my mute list.

I know its not bots, because if you read the feeds, the folks who go there post screenshots of what they're up to there all day long.

Just because a place is often full, doesn't mean its full of bots. Just because its full of people one might not like, also doesn't mean its full of bots. Just because its a tiny little 512m lot sized club on a full sim, with the entire rest of the sim devoted to newbie shops, doesn't mean its all bot.

Look at the place, go there, and watch the feeds of the regulars. Its real, and its busy as heck.

Pussycat Catnap

I can say the same for Sexy N Beach, London City, and yes, Buka*** Bliss (I had my time exploring this kind of stuff back in the day).

- They actually are -THAT- busy with real folks and newbies.

Not every place that is 24/7 packed with avatars is bots.

Jimmy Sharktooth

Kinda funny how Little Lost Linden says Ambrosia is all bots when anyone who has actually been there knows that's not the case. I've been a DJ there for over 2 years, and I've never seen bots used there, because we don't need bots to have good traffic, we do that with quality entertainment, and all bots do is add to the lag and detract from the overall experience of the VIPs there.

While there are clubs that do use bots, its pretty easy to tell when they do if you actually go to the club. Generally the bots will be the same avatars that are there like 24/7 in the same location, never talk, never move apart from maybe dancing, sometimes they're in nearby shops on posestands. If you go to Ambrosia (which I'm sure LLL hasn't) you won't see any of that. No one is there 24/7. There are people who don't speak much, as not everyone is always social, some do come to just listen to the music, but even those people usually will at least say hi, and they come and go. They're not in the same exact spot every single time like bots do (via auto sitters & pose balls)

The vast majority of VIPs to Ambrosia come there because they want to have a good time, and there's always good music and chat going on. We have some of the best DJs in SL playing all genres of music and we always have friendly dancers who try to make everyone feel included. Its a sign of a successful club when your staff actually wants to hang out there when they're not working.

I would like to say thank you to Little Lost Linden for your opinions though. By all of the responses from fellow staff and VIPs, I'm sure everyone can clearly see that Ambrosia not only does not have bots, but also has the best staff and VIPs of any club who are willing to defend the clubs reputation. So, thank you, you've gotten us some free advertising, since if I were reading this, I know I'd want to check this club out that everyone is looking to defend.

While I'm at it, why not make a shameful plug, lol. Can add me on FB and see when I'm DJing there, lol.

Cera Toll

I guess all the amusing crap that comes out of my mouth... is a bot talking lol good thing this bot has been around for 5 years already. Close to a year of it at Ambrosia... get you facts straight before spouting your mouth...


Everything that needs to be said about Ambrosia has already been said. Just wanted to show that I'm a living, breathing person who goes to Ambrosia because I love the conversations I have with other living, breathing people. Ambrosia, Rez and Grind are full of them, maybe you should check them out before you make assumptions about "green dot shapes". Kthanksbye

Rissa Darkrose

I'm Rissa Darkrose, and i'm a Ambrosia Dancer for over one year now, and i never seen a bot working at our club so Little Lost Linden you should visit Ambrosia Dance Club to see how REAL people from all over the world work hard at that club to make it the Best Club in SL, we are a family there and we all work as a TEAM, we are the best of the best staff. So before posting nonsense stuff about us go to Ambrosia and fell free to talk to us so you can see how REAL we are. I AM A PROUD AND REAL GIRL AMBROSIA DANCER!!!!! GO AMBROSIA!!!!!

Sammy Fairlady

Fair dinkum Little Lost Linden, get a clue! A simple visit at Ambrosia would have proven the dots weren't bots. That makes you a troll with a grudge against the place or someone who works there. Well thanks, a lot of hard working people work at Ambrosia and sometimes people like you put the stupid out there and someone believes it. Then all of us hardworking people are effected.

Sometimes it is better to remain silent and appear a fool than to speak and remove all doubt Little one.

Sheffield Chaveau

How very dare this Little Lost Linden bloke decide that Ambrosia Dance Club is full of Bots! My name is Sheffield Chauveau and I work as a dancer at this amazing club. I am aware that everything that needs to be said already has been, so I wont waste my breath on you repeating myself. But what I am wondering if the real Lindens know what you are saying as we get regular visit from LL staff who know we are real live people and not bots. To be fair I have never ever seen you at our club and I remember names very well, maybe you should come along and verify your findings, once you have done this and maybe spoken to a member of the staff, one of us will be glad to assist you on your way out.

elainalynn lexenstar

lol, i am also a dj at the ambrosia entertainment group and ill tell you, those bots sure tip well!
i was unaware that bots actually hold conversations with people, and TIP WITH REAL LINDENS!! o.0
littlelostthing... do your homework
not only that but the staff must all have some creative scripting with their chat abilities!

WE at Ambrosia, are not bots, i can assure you.

Eva Cunnyfunt

Dude wth have you lost your mind ambrosia is full of what? bots? Wonders where people come up with this crap. Anything to cause a muck . smh! We all know better than you man.


I'm a DJ for Ambrosia Dance Club and Ambrosia has no bots. There's no bots here. Do your homework and actually visit the SIM and spend some time there. You'll notice that the Club Owner Phil Kearny is highly active and his entire staff makes sure the REAL people have a great time.

Do research before you make false claims. Thanks!

Venus Petrov

I have worked as a DJ at Ambrosia Dance Club for nearly four years and I can say with authority that the dots inside represent avatars operated by real people. These real people are patrons, dancers and DJs. What they say cannot be scripted. Otherwise, what a boring place it would be!
It is unfortunate Lost is so 'lost' because if they actually took the time to join us for the fun they would see and hear for themselves.
Little Lost, come join us and have some fun for a change!

Little Lost Linden

Holy Moly!!!

Apologies for the mix-up. I was mixing up Ambrosia with one of the Arab camping locations called Arab-Avatar.



and some other Arab bot location that used to have a club similar to Ambrosia:


Once again, you have my sincerest heartfelt apologies.

llucciano aka Luc Resident

Guess you were a little lost there eh?

foneco zuzu

I still found disgusting that one needs to be measured by any way!
It reveals the worse of Second Life, a place devoted to greed!
If one goes to OSgrid you will see nobody carong about rates, about hype and for sure many sims use npc's there, not to increase visibility but to add much more realism and atmosphere!
Funny, at any moment i can fill any of my regions with 200 of the so called bots in Sl (In true grids, those are called npc's!)
Can any even using bots do that on SL? a full sim with 200 avatars at any time?

Little Lost Linden

"Guess you were a little lost there eh?"

I'd have to change my name if I wasn't.

Holy Crap

wow. Did everyone have to comment about what little lost linden said? Maybe Ambrosia isnt about bots, but they sure are about Drama. Lord have mercy

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