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Friday, August 24, 2012


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Gwyneth Llewelyn

Finally we get some good content in Cloud Party!


Claudia's artwork scares the shit out of me in SL and now she is doing it again in CP :)

JoJa Dhara

@Gwyneth indeed it is getting better and better ;-)

Archangel Mortenwold

I tried CP for a few minutes and wasn't impressed with the graphics, the limitation to compatible browsers, or the poor user interface. I can guess what drove Claudia222 from SL to CP: Linden Lab's insistence on charging hundreds of dollars a month for tier, the same story playing out for most if not all of the region owners and renters who have left SL. But I don't see Cloud Party becoming the next Second Life, or a viable alternative thereto.

foneco zuzu

I wish Claudia could give a try to OSGrid!
Mesh on Open Sims exist since 2009!
Just go to Lani regions and see!

foneco zuzu

And there are alternatives to SL, mainly cause LL ignores its role, as the leading tool that would unite all virual worlds around!
If the Lab returned to 2007 path, for sure it would be a bright future for all!
Now, we see so many departing, and if some found as a alternative any grid of the hundreds that exist, be a open sim based one, or cloud or whatever, is with sadness we still see them depart, cause no matter what, We all feel that Sl could be really the place of gathering!

Ajax Manatiso

Reminds me of the Terry Gilliam cartoons on Monty Python.

Masami Kuramoto

The problem with OSGrid at the moment is that there is no agreement on the recommended viewer. Half of OSG's residents use Imprudence, which doesn't support mesh and cannot render Claudia222's content. Linden Lab's viewer on the other hand has no future on OpenSim grids. And even if it did, Cloud Party still has much better graphics anyway. There is simply no way to animate mesh objects in SL.


hi all , i love sl as i always did . The reason for me to be there is the implements for objects, to be able to make skeletons for objects I dreamed to learn about it, cause i know it is possible to make mesh behave like avatars in movements and the material support . In sl we have materials for water and sky . everyone ever editing water will have noticed the colored normal map . By ajust the regulators we edit a material.
SL is very advanced , and i could simply not live without mesh anymore. Me i am a very small procentage of second life users with my wish for normal maps and materials to support my creations and skinned objects , and i know that . Cp gives me a rare opportunity to experiment with implements currently not avaliable for users as you know it is very new and based on webGL , i find it simply fascinating to learn more right now . I will be in sl sometimes , and know how much work whent in there to create user friendly tools for people to create. Cp is new and i like to see it grow and become what it can be , based on mesh alone and browser login .

foneco zuzu

I log in with singularity latest, i saw the OSsg5 mesh sim, i visited the Guitar museum on OSG that is made almost with mesh, there ares till many that don't use a mesh viewer on SL, all i know is that this:
Could be hosted forever on OSG for free!


<3 to claudia

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