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Friday, August 31, 2012


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Ohh nice theme for a challenge! I used to love dressing up my avatar in SL with gear inspired by the videogames I was playing at the time. Glad to see it's a September challenge, should be able to take a break from GW2 and jump into SL for a quick photo ;)

Dave Bell

It is so tempting to take a photo of an empty landscape and claim it is inspired by Sniper!.

Ajax Manatiso

Another SL blog turning into a VR fashion rag. As if the web isn't already saturated with them. If anyone knows an SL blog that is actually about SL itself, let me know.

Hamlet Au

Ajax, there's much more civil ways to discuss topics like this; what are you specifically looking for? For the record, though, last week there were about 12 posts on NWN, only 3 of which were specifically VR fashion-related. It's usually less, but Labor Day is generally a slow news week.

Jean Luca

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sshakhawat rony

I've been playing Guild Wars 2 exhaustively game. My sister also play this game and all the i want I love playing with my sister.so they were my inspiration for this look.


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