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Thursday, August 23, 2012


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It looks like Steam is going to have a 'Software' category along with a 'Game' category if I'm reading right. But it looks like the 'Game Hub' feature is only going to be available to the 'Game' category.

If Second Life launches in the 'Software' category, it won't have those 'Game Hub' features of sharing screenshots and videos, right?

Archangel Mortenwold

I seriously doubt this will have any appreciable impact one way or another. For one thing, Steam appears to be focusing on bringing content creation to its gaming platform, which may or may not work well for Steam and its users. Good for them. But Second Life is not now, never has been, and never will be a gaming platform, so continuing to market it as such is not only dishonest but may very well backfire on both Steam and Linden Lab for false advertising. For another thing, the tools to make SL into a gaming platform simply aren't there and no serious effort has been made by LL to incorporate them into the grid. So what's happening is that an overpriced virtual environment is being falsely marketed as a game in order to attract gamers, who may or may not show up and even if any do probably won't be in anywhere near the numbers hoped for. Of those who do come to SL, most will take one look around and leave because they will realize they were lied to and that there's nothing for them to do here for gaming.

Seven Overdrive

It would be smart for LL to list SL on Steam as both a gaming platform and a content creation platform.

Listing as a gaming platform may attract more consumers of created content and listing as a creation platform may attract more builders and sellers of content. Targeting both categories may also bring in some of those that fall between the two that create and sell as much as they buy from others.

SL is many things to many people and it would be a shame for them to advertise through Steam to a narrow demographic. I can't see how merchants in SL will be happy with the increased competition for sales if SL is only billed as a creativity tool. Most builders I know like to build and sell their own stuff rather than buy it from others. Advertising as a gaming platform may bring in more casual users that will be more interested in buying created content to enhance their experience in SL.

Arcadia Codesmith

The incorporation of mesh in Second Life means it could be used as a sandbox for cross-game compatible virtual objects.

But... that's pretty much meaningless unless the client includes a full set of tools for creating mesh objects in-world.


Do you remember rumors of Linden Labs being bought by Microsoft so they could make SL the Home for Xbox Gamers (similar to how Sony PS has Sony Home)? Well, Linden has done it without selling out to Microsoft. They will now have access to a huge pool (40 Million) (4 million concurrent) of 30 something computer (not console) gamers who have money to spend.

Perhaps SL will become the "Home" for Steam users and there are lots of interesting linking opportunities like sitting in your home in SL and sharing a link with your friend to play a certain game...and poof the two of you are transported to the game play direct from Second Life and perhaps back home once the game is over.

There will be 2 groups of "Steamers" who will come to SL.
1 - Those who know what SL was and is and a thin band of these will return to look again and perhaps some will stay.
2 - Those who, for whatever reason do not know about SL and a thin band of those will visit and stay.

But, when you have 40 Million (4 Million Concurrent) users like Steam, the 2 thin bands mentioned above can easily translate into 100,000 concurrent new users in SL and this could double the normal 60,000 SL concurrency to 120,000. What effect would 120,000 concurrent users have on the SL economy? Especially ones with a little money to spend!

As for Sex and Adult stuff, Linden can deny it all they want, but the revenue from users who participate in all things related to sex, kink or just being sexy is massive and represents a huge chunk of their revenue and revenue made by content creators and providers.

When Steam comes on line with SL, I think we will see a big boost in concurrent users and those new users will enjoy some of the Adult and Social things they cannot in traditional games...and they will have the money to do it.

~ Aprille Shepherd


It really could work the other way around...SL users will link to and play games in Steam and return to SL for Social, Learning, Shopping and Adult Stuff. Use Steam for what it is meant to be and SL for what it is meant to be -- and create a simple linking system (URL based) between the two.


Sooooo... this was one of the most exciting bits of News for SL in a long time. Where has this gone? Why has SL not been launched on Steam? When will it be rolled out? Abandoned?

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