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Monday, August 13, 2012


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Snaps from a game are not photographs.

Coating a VR snap with photoshop effects and filters does not make you an artist.

All the work has been done by the designers of the game who carefully thought out angles, atmosphere effects etc.

A VR screenshot is just recording what the designer did. This screenshot contains the IP of a graphic designer/s and their work should not be devalued because someone decided to use the blur tool to make it look fancy.

I like taking screenshots but I don't assign artistic merit to them. A more worthy endeavor is to go outside, with a camera and try to be artistic that will have merit.


Melponeme_K - VR photography is just as valid as RL photography. Even tho they may not have created the environment being 'photographed', it is their interpretation of this environment that makes it art.

To discredit them is to discredit RL photography too.

Also another great VR photographer is Iain Andrews - http://enwandrews.tumblr.com

Kyle Archer

@Melponeme_K What if you are taking photos of real world architecture? Do you assign all the value of the photo to the architect? No. If you think about it, there is almost zero difference.


I think also, if anything, their photography celebrates the game artists.

When the player is fighting to stay alive or trying to win a race etc etc, they don't have time to look at all the work that has been spent of creating their environment.

These photographers show us all the detail, the sweat and tears that goes into creating compelling environments.



No it isn't valid. It is more akin of taking a picture of a picture. If you decided to make a portrait of any famous photo, could you claim that work as your own? Even if you turned it a hazy green in your photoshop? No you couldn't. Taking screensaves is the same deal. It is another person's graphic and photographic work.


Not the same situation. RL is public space. Some buildings may attempt to claim copyright image. I don't think it has ever been taken to a court. VRs are not public domain. They are all copyrighted and private spaces which we pay fees to enter. Its their photographic environment (whoever owns game image rights),

Nike Air Max

Very good post. Made me realize I was totally wrong about this issue. I figure that one learns something new everyday.

art photography

nice photographs.


I wish I could disagree with Melponeme_k, but I agree with what was said.

That aside, there is one exception to the ideas mentioned in Melponeme_k's comments that I think I should point out. (it is an opinion, however.)
I think VR photography is a legit art iff the virtual world is in a constant state of flux, like Second Life.
If the conditions in the photo are subject to change and are part of a community/world that may not exist in the same state in the future, then the photo is like a capture of that unique environment/moment or culture "as it was" so to speak.
it's a beautiful thing and becomes like an artifact in a way, a particular angle of and a piece of history.

Just my thoughts.
If anything, the dynamic and limitless nature of second life makes it a work of ever changing art in and of itself, and since it's so boundless and multi-faceted in its experiences(angles of experience?) I think it's valid to consider a photo of it to be a work of art.
But meh, I don't know. It's still private space and copyrighted stuff, so I suppose the photos should be taken with the proper permissions?
(unless artists get a magic free derivative works pass and are allowed to do whatever)

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