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Friday, September 07, 2012


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Orca Flotta

There's away around criticism and still having a very successfull blog: Harper Beresford presents outfits, either fully bought but often combined by herself. So as reader I get only positive things to hear from her. She only blogs about stuff she likes and I gotta trust in her taste and expertise. But with Harper I do it since she has both in abundance.



I'm not sure I see the necessity in blogging about things you don't like.

I can understand talking about things you'd like to see in the future, but isn't it a bit self-important for a blogger to see themselves as guideposts for the path a creator should take in future endeavors?

It's pretty harsh to ravage a creator over some perceived flaw in something they are charging 50 cents or a dollar for.

I love seeing new products and the things that bloggers like. But creators get enough negativity without having people feel the need to manufacture it for them.

If something doesn't meet your standards don't show it. If you want something different, either pay someone to make it or make it yourself.

Just my opinion.


Great post Iris! I pretty much agree with all of your points, and know all too well, that any "criticism" at all -- will result in backlash from the designer or their fan girls.

Cajsa Lilliehook

Great article, Iris, and thank you for the compliment. I generally put myself in the only-blog-what-I-like category. I would not wear something I disliked, but am very comfortable saying I like something and would like it even better if...

I cannot imagine a Susan Menkes, Cathy Horyn, Robin Givhan or Virginie Mouzat in Second Life fashion blogging.

Eve Kazan

"poor Damien" i was thinking this when i have seen the photo lol

I'm agree with A.J, when she/he says : "If something doesn't meet your standards don't show it."

Iris Ophelia

@A.J. I agree that people shouldn't waste their time or money blogging things they don't like and contrary to popular opinion most bloggers don't do that. I like a lot of things that have flaws and could be better, because perfection is generally impossible. The flaws don't bother me enough to keep me from enjoying the item but, here's the point: they might bother someone else, and they might be preventable.

For instance, I don't usually care about texture seams, but many people LOATHE them, and if I go on and on about how much I love an item and fail to mention glaring issues in the seams then I've failed to give those people the information they need to make an informed choice as a consumer. In a perfect world where everything had demos it wouldn't matter as much, but demos for texture-based clothing in particular are incredibly rare.

As for designers, a second opinion and a fresh set of eyes can give a designer a new perspective on what they've made. Yes, maybe it is self-important to assume they should want or need anyone else's opinion, least of all mine, but in my experience most of them do. I've known enough designers who were happy for this kind of feedback and have used it to refine and shape their work going forward that I don't worry about offering them a consumer's perspective on their work. It's there if they want it, and they can ignore it if they don't.

@Eve I'm actually a big fan of Damien's work, and I write about it probably more often than I should. That picture is actually from this article that I wrote about his menswear line ( http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2012/08/mesh-menswear-from-fatewear-coming-soon.html ) and is purely satire of what "bad" critique looks like.

Ajax Manatiso

I like pockets and buttons. If I had a choice of 2 shirts and one had pockets and buttons and they other didn't, I'd go for the pockets and buttons. Sorry I didn't have anything fancier or more esoteric to say.

Damien Fate

Thanks, Iris XD

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