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Monday, September 24, 2012


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shockwave yareach

Note the poll asks you to choose three, but only permits you to choose one.

Adeon Writer

My three choices would be: SL-related user generated content, embedded journalism, and General Virtual world. :)

Ferd Frederix

I'd like to see a poll that actually works, along with more Opensim and SL user generated content.

Eliza Wrigglesworth

1. SL-related user generated content
2. Opensim
3. Cloud Party & other


I would like to read more positive, optimistic news about SL.

Hitomi Tiponi

I'll wait until you fix the poll so I can vote for 3.

onbake Otsuka

I'm interested in all the items of choice.
Users of the service process of the virtual space and changes in their own choice because I look in their entirety.

Amanda Dallin

I second Adeon's vote although being more positive rather than trying to tear down would bring me back here more often.

Hamlet Au

"I'll wait until you fix the poll so I can vote for 3."

Which choice is that, Hitomi? The arrangement is randomized every time.


Er.. Hamlet, Hitomi meant she wanted to vote for 3 items, not vote for item 3. If she wanted to vote for item 3 only she does not need to wait till you fix the poll. Your poll header says "Choose 3" in the title, and then says select 1 in smaller font, as pointed out by 2 other people earlier.


Hamlet, I think that you have exactly the right balance between reporting about SL (which is still the platform with most users) and new platforms and technology. Keep it that way.

If you would like to make a great blog even better, then try to get a third writer - like ophelia for fashion - who reports about business models (in a broad sense - it can for example be how to keep a sim profitable) on creative platforms.

Orca Flotta

Still not fixered. Not voting under these conditions ;)

I'd go with user-generated content, news and analysis, machinima ... and can I have one more please, fashion. ^^

Don't wanna read about products not related to virtual worlds, games, technology

Rin Tae

Fitting with my voted choice of 'social media/VR/gaming news and analysis', my second and third choice would be 'SL related user generated content' and *other user generated worlds' .. with my personal no-choice being the embedded journalism one as those words should only ever been mentioned with 'there should be no ..' in front of them XP .. since for me being embedded is the total opposite to being a journalist.

Arcadia Codesmith

I like the mix that we've got; one of the reasons I keep coming back :)

I do have a fondness for profiles and interviews with interesting residents -- not necessarily Profiles in Courage in Overcoming Obstacles, nor The Most Innovative Man in the Virtual World ("I don't always create virtual art, but when I do, I prefer Second Life"), but the philosophical strippers and furry stockbrokers and struggling buskers and hopelessly optimistic club owners outside the spotlight.

Hamlet Au

"she wanted to vote for 3 items, not vote for item 3"

I'm not sure what's happening -- I just tested it, and it allowed me to choose 3 items. Is it displaying differently in different browsers?

Hamlet Au

Oh, hang on, I see what's going on. Sorry about that, I messed up the format; for this survey, please choose ONE item.

Hitomi Tiponi

yay - understand now Hamlet and have voted for my my ONE choice. Could I add an unvote for you making technical reviews unless someone else does them for you :).

Ajax Manatiso

Would like to see more about sims in SL and not oddball sims that make nice pics but are bad places to visit -- but rather visits to some of the more rewarding sims. I can list a dozen for you but always would like to hear about more.

James OReilly

For some glitchy reasons, I only could click on:
- General virtual world/technology/VR/gaming news and analysis
For 3 choices, please add these two:
- Non-SL Linden Lab product news and reviews (e.g. Harvard-based Immersive Education Initiative iED conference information about Education Grid, who have de-listed SL)
- Virtual world and gaming fashion


I want to see more articles on combat sims and vehicles. They are a big part of SL but are ignored by the major mainstream blogs. Even vehicles for every day use don't get mentioned much.

I know that fashion and adult markets are more popular but for a lot of us that like to fight in say, a WW2 themed sim, those topics don't really apply. We'd like to see more material targeting our interests.

Please consider getting a dedicated writer to review combat vehicles, weapons and sims.

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