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Monday, September 17, 2012


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Val Kendal

Hey is that guy in the photo wearing the same clothes as in 2003? ;)

glad to hear your machine is finally playing nice with SL!

Hamlet Au

Well, nice-er. Still pretty sputtery!

Bixyl Shuftan

Don't worry Val, they get washed every time he falls in the water. ;-)

Archangel Mortenwold

Um, I owe you an apology, Hamlet. I didn't click through all of the links in the other thread and leaped to a conclusion I shouldn't have. I'm sorry.

Hamlet Au

No worries!

Hitomi Tiponi

It's really interesting to see how things have changed, and how the appearance of SL has also changed. Thanks.

foneco zuzu

WB to the party!
Now grab a bike and do some cross sims on mainland, ill bet you will find it much smoother then on old times:)

Orca Flotta

Oh yes, Foneco, as sailor and biker in SL I can confirm that sim borders have lost lots of their horror lately. I do some kind of lenghty tours along continental routes and find it pleasantly smooth.
In sailing I did a long tour around SL's northern mainlands (Nautilus, Corsica, Gaeta V) of several hundred sims and there it's the same. Only dangers today are stupid n00bs with their banlines up and overzealous security orbs.

With the useless pathfinding crap now it became a bit worse again. In typically LL fashion they just can't keep the grid running without problems. It's against their developers nature or something. "It's running too smooth, fellows, now let's surprise our customers with the next showstopping invention! That'll teach 'em not to trust in LL ever again. Harr harr!!!"

Chimera Cosmos

Hamlet, what was your draw distance in 2009?

Can you get the shot on Ultra at 512 meters distance out of your computer?

I'm curious about what happened to the mountains in the distance and the huge castle that are missing in the 2012 shot.

Harper Ganesvoort

We're still trying to pry Ham out of that ice-cream suit. I think he has plans to be the next Tom Wolfe (giggle).

I remember Sinatra Cartier from my early days in 2007-2008, when he often sang at Frank's Place. Good to know he's still around. (Lord, in less than a month, I'll be 5 in SL.)

foneco zuzu

Path finding did made terrible things, but most of the bugs of it are finnaly being fixed!
The problem is:
How many will optimize their regions as LL wants?
How many will use its resources?
Still some things are good now.
No more problems when crossing from a region that has it disabled (Most Private sims as most of the Land Barons that keep the juice floading just didn't wanted the hasle of the 1st weeks of the path finding rollover and did wqaht we did on our regions, just disabled it!) to mainland or blake sea, where at least one LAnd Baron keep it enabled!
So now, at least since 2 weeks ago, cross sims are back almoat to normal, even if i dare to say, it has as much to do with rhe viewer any uses then with path finding the problems some find (See Yordie strugle!)
On that i can testify, as i did several trips of hundreds of sims crossed, that only 1 viewer works for me and My love with full graphics (Hamlet droll if i tell you we both use ultra settings, 256m draw distance, shadows and deferred rendering, tone mapping and high precision gamma and still got 40 fps on.... as a example, the Spirit exibition last day! Only one way to go, NIran v 1.47!)

fire cartier

rember Sinatra Cartier meet him singing , he join before me 22 days .

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