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Wednesday, September 05, 2012


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Ajax Manatiso

Frank's Place 2 was very nice. It had the atmosphere of 60's Vegas -- like a time machine going back to the Rat Pack Days. Can't say the same for Sweathearts -- dozens of people standing motionless and not responding to chat or IMs. (They woulnd't be --- bots! OMG!)

Marianne McCann

I'm really surprised #31 still exists on the grid.


Every month, legions of readers (and a few PhD candidates in Sociology) gather to see the epic struggle unfold @NWN between "Gor-jus Events" and "Bukkakee Bliss."

Headline of the month: "Slave-Girls Stay Barely Ahead of Spooge, Au Reveals"

Subhead: "Jaded Islanders Remain Jaded in Middle of the Pack"

Hamlet Au

Hahaha. On the other hand, I know some heavy hitting academics who are HUGELY interested in SL's sex industry. I'm not kidding -- with tenure and everything.

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