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Monday, September 10, 2012


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Roleplayers will go NUTS, I think. (In a good way.)

Dave Bell

"Halting State" by Charles Stross.

If you haven't noticed, Google is working on Augmented Reality goggles...

The market is potentially huge, and if it comes to a choice between a dedicated VR headset for a relatively small market, or a game which works with the Augmented Reality that everybody uses, I think the full VR might start to look a little bit too much like a dead end.

It's a bit like Microsoft and Flight Simulator. The program sold. It was in the physical game-shops, with all the add-ons. And then Microsoft pulled the plug.

Ajax Manatiso

One of the charms of second life is that it doesn't take a whole lot to operate and its very conducive to multi-tasking. It may disappoint the newbies gawking at the virtual pole-dancers, but many people are doing other work, web-browsing, balncing their home budgets, and more while in SL and that wouldn't really go with a VR headset. That sort of thing seems more suited to a very fast-paced totally immersive typ[e of game where mouse response is just not fast enough. That said -- it looks like this is merely a good for Steam as they do not write game code, they just distribute the software.

Ajax Manatiso

Merely a goof I meant to say

Adeon Writer

It might be the case that the prototype IS the Oculus Rift; as Valve both backed and obtained one.


the highest end research years ago showed you get "sick" after wearing those type of goggles after a hr or so.


You'll find that "highest end research" was researched undertaken by sega and nintendo back in the mid-90s. And the only reason you get sick is because of the lacking full perception range that is offered by oculus rift, the eyes believed it was not real because your peripheral vision was of the real world.

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