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Friday, September 14, 2012


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Ajax Manatiso

I'm sorry to hear of her hardships in her blog. Actually, her blog isn't very remarkable and is downright mediocre, but her shots of SL are very unique, fascinating, and clever. I usually don't care about SL photos unless I'm in them, but hers are the most interesting I think I have ever seen -- and did I say damned clever?

foneco zuzu

Found it yesterday and loved the photos!

Bettina Tizzy


Hope she catches a lucky star soon.

Whiskey Monday

Thanks so much for the kind write-up! Cheers!

@ Ajax: Mediocre, my ass.

Moxie Sideshow

Ajax, I have no idea who you are and honestly don't find it important to know. Yes, Whiskey's art is amazing - one would have to be blind not to recognize that. But the passion displayed in those photos can also be found in the beautiful and touching words contained in her blog. That one could be impressed with her imagery and not be touched by the honesty of her words astounds me. But then again, I'm always surprised that people can enjoy listening to music and yet tune out the poetry contained in the lyrics.

To each his own. Personally, I love her for who she is and what she is and what she does and the passion she puts into everything that she does. Words and music.

Nedria Cyr

I had the pleasure of making acquaintances with Whiskey on the Inworldz grid in the middle of last year when I took a few months hiatus from Second Life. I wound up connecting with her on Twitter, where I still follow her. She doesn't know this, but I periodically go back to view her blog still, even though I'm no longer spending time in Inworldz.

I know it's not my place to say something that isn't mine either is one way, but I'm going to anyway - from my perspective. Actual mileage may vary.

While she may have originally created her blog to discuss and share about things in the metaverse, Whiskey's blog evolved into what I think she needed it to be: Something cathartic. A place where she could be creative, get out her innermost thoughts, and occasionally hear words from others that "yes you are crazy" or "no, I get it. I've been there too." Sometimes we need a little tap on the shoulder reminder that we're not alone, because I can guarantee you that we've all felt alone at some point.

Whiskey Shots is open for you to read, but it is not written for you. It's not written to impress you or be all pretentious. It's real, it's written with wit and heart, and it's written by her, for her.

In the great words of Whiskey (Mon)day - Mediocre, my ass.

Indigo Mertel

>> Ms. Monday makes these magical metaverse moments (how, I'm not quite sure) <<

Hamlet, Whiskey wrote a nice post a couple of weeks ago n how she makes her pictures. The process is quite elaborated and she puts a lot of work into it. It's interesting reading:

Building a Story – Everything’s Fine « Whiskey Shots http://bit.ly/QMvntq


I love Whiskey's pictures, a lot of which are based on her tweets -- if you do not subscribe to her tweets you are missing some of the best there is.


I know who Ajax is. I have read many of his attempts to communicate. I avoid doing so now.

I know who Whiskey is. I read everything she writes. The images are a bonus.

Pep (has taste; good taste.)

LeeHere Absent

I am a big-time Whiskey Monday fan.

I love her art - both her pictures and her written pieces. I love her gallery exhibits. I love her often bittersweet, ironic, funny Tweets. I love her humor and her humanity.

I've also had the opportunity to interact with her on a personal basis and have found her to be a lovely individual.

I've been traveling virtual worlds since 2008 and I've been online even longer. There is nothing mediocre about Ms. Monday. She truly is remarkable. If, however, anyone does know of any other artist and venue (blogs, inworld galleries, tweets, etc.) that are on a par with Whiskey's, then...for the love of all things pixel...TELL US! I certainly have more room for the likes of Whiskey in my virtual life.

Thanks for the write-up and the opportunity to comment, Mr. Au.

- Just Lee Here

colleen Criss

I know Whiskey Monday and she is one of those few people you get to meet in SL that is exactly what and who she is . I found her blog and tweets smart touching and compelling. Her photographs are a story that really needs no words. She makes me think and ponder and touches me with her outlook and insights.

Indigo Mertel

@Ajax, I don't mean to pick on you, but... I am surprised you call someone's else blog "downright mediocre" when your own web site look like this mess: http://www.second-lives.com/

Celestiall Nightfire

Whiskey's pictures are the first ones that I've felt transcended their SL-snapshot nature and became art.

I think that writing is Whiskey's first skill, and her artful imagery flows from her wordsmithing talent.

Quite remarkable.

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