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Thursday, September 06, 2012


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damn it damn it damn it i was there when it JUST opened......and i did not LM it and i forgot...silly damn it damn it.... :(

Shockwave Plasma

It's Doggone, I quite like it.

The SLURL is



i thought it was "point of derivation"? just popped into my head....

Archangel Mortenwold

A Bloodlines clan I'm part of has been working to raise money for our own RP region:


We likely won't reach our goal of $10,000 USD by the time the deadline of September 16th arrives, unless a miracle of crowdfunding takes place. But we fully intend to try again. We want to raise enough funds to pay for the region for its first year, with more fund-raisers planned to help keep it going beyond. With Linden Lab charging so much money for full-prim private estates, this amount was calculated as what is needed to get us started, with well over $7,000 annually just to pay for tier and gameplay maintenance.

We can really use a publicity boost, so posting about this effort when we renew it on September 17th will help a lot.

Deborah Rossavik

LOL that is indeed my sim Doggone. very cool Video .wow great job.
the SURL is:

we welcome full auto weapons,all avatar types,and vehcile use. GCS hud must be worn and under100 scripts please.

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