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Wednesday, October 03, 2012


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shockwave yareach

My D&D game consists of players around the country. We use Skype for verbal communications and MapTool for the mapping and dice rolling.

If you created an all-in-one gaming system that a) can have people put themselves on a PickUp list who are looking for group, b) combine Maptool with Skype, and c) have a wide selection of modules and games precreated and ready to go on a server, you'll have no shortage of people eager to pay a few bucks a month for your program.

Emperor Norton

Old school RPGs is a dinning room table and some books.

Arcadia Codesmith

There's a lot of tech and technique in old text and 8-bit RPGs that has been abandoned and forgotten. I hope going retro brings some of those things back into the spotlight.

Parsing comes to mind as something that modern MMOs ought to pick up and run with.


I'm with Emperor Norton on this. To me, "Old-School" is "Nerd Night" a few hours each week with some of the same dudes I've known since 1977, when we picked up the first three D&D books (the boxed Gygax/Arneson set).

And despite that, we all have lives.

Perhaps VWs appeal to me because I never used modules in tabletop gaming. You drew your own maps and for NPCs you "rolled your own" (a nice 70s reference there).

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