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Thursday, October 11, 2012


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Kandinsky Beaumont

Dear Iris -
as I am of a much older age than you, to tell the truth very much older, I have to smile a bit in my rl to your timing in recommending us to seniorize ourselves.
Halloween is the time when all scary creatures crawl out of their dungeons.
In Sl there is already a great adoration of youth and perfect bodies so us elderly know that old age is not accepted very well here.
Therefore it seems a bit ironic to make halloween the time for seniorizing - don´t you think?
It does not tempt me at this time of the year : ))

Iris Ophelia

Halloween is the best time to try out something risky that you otherwise might not, and of course to embrace the things that might scare you. I'd say it's the perfect time of year for this. ^^

jo yardley

Not looking like some 20 year old model is scary?!

jo yardley

I've always wanted to make my avatar look as much like rl me as possible, as I am a 40 year old woman who never wears makeup, it was extremely difficult to find a realistic skin.
It is easy to look like a 20-something model or to look like a granny, but looking middle aged is very very tricky in SL.
Especially if you want to look like a realistic middle aged woman and not the kind of middle aged models they use to advertise stuff.
Most skins I've tried either use lots of make up or have skins that look 10 years younger then what they are supposed to represent.
Took me a long time to find one that sort of matched what I had in mind but I'm still not happy.

Iris Ophelia

@Jo It shouldn't be, but it sure seems to be scary to the status quo.

Quan Lavender

The problem is the same we face in movies RL. Men are available in all ages and sexy of course; besides maybe the very old ones. And women have the choice between very young or grandmother. You have chosen the grandmother too for you photo. Where is the middle age, attractive woman?


Dear Iris,
You are right, virtual worlds seem to be very ageist. When I started my blog a couple of years back, with the tagline" an older woman's thoughts on the metaverse" which featured my chunky,white haired,wrinkled avatar, I thought of it more as a rage against the machine thing. I never seriously thought more than a couple of people would read me. I could not have been more mistaken. Thousands of people read my old lady adventures in the great wide yonder of SL/ OpenSim; they leave wonderful comments,they come up to me inworld and tell me how much they love my blog; I heard my fourteen year old son tell a friend his Mom was like a star! Which I'm not, but being true to who I am, has worked for me in my 6 years of virtual and 51 years of real life. Be your beautiful, unique selves everyday of the year sisters!

jo yardley

Old avatars on flickr;

Ayesha Lytton

She's not too active in SL lately, but for a hilarious senior avatar you must check out Bob McBoint. http://bobmcboint.blogspot.com/


Ayesha, Thank you so,so much for giving me the chance to bow before the undisputed Queen of the Senior Avatars! Bob McBoint is my new heroine.

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