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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


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Arcadia Codesmith

Designers of game worlds often underestimate the profound implications of allowing players to modify and customize the world through the creation and deployment of "artifacts". The negatives are glaringly obvious, but the positives manifest more subtly in the long-term development of an invested community.


One reason I do not play traditional RPGs, Arcadia, is that player can, at best, "craft" items in them.

I want to make things ex nihilo, as we desktop game-masters do within the confines of d20, Savage Worlds, or similar dice-based RPGs. I know that many game designers hate that, and the reality of it in SL adds lag.

It's the magic of virtual worlds, where we can create our own content and even our own games. A market continues to exist for this. We just need quantum computing to make such a utopian dream a daily and scalable reality.

Arcadia Codesmith

I'm looking forward to seeing what Everquest II does with Player Studio. They're planning to allow players to create, submit and sell objects for real cash.

Everything gets reviewed, tweaked and polished by their art team, so I think it's going to be a slooooooow process and they're going to rapidly get swamped with submissions.

BUT it's the first time in my memory that a mainstream MMO has allowed users to submit 3D assets. So I'm hoping it's a wild success for the company, enough that other studios do a double take and say, "Damn! We gotta do something like that!"

In conjunction with a few systems that allow players to author their own quests, we may yet see the reemergence of the player not accounted for in Bartle's archetypes: the Gamemaster.


We are clearly dreaming the same dream, Ms. Codesmith.

Dizzy Banjo

oops.. i now realise I have caused aeons of worry by 'poofing' away from locations for over 7 years.. LOL

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