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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


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...my tip? have a bunch of pros make consistent stuff and never ever stop once you started :) just like my show Drax and Pooky make: short, poignant and gooood solid writing! Oh and I forgot: try to appeal to a WIDER audience than just SL'ers hihihihi......

Douglas Story

The comment on sound design is spot-on. The nuances of the audio mix are frequently overlooked in SL machinima.

Pooky Amsterdam

Wonderful to see your in depth look at Machinima, certainly the medium for our time - Torely Linden whose was the first machinima I ever saw will be delivering the KeyNote for the Machinima-Expo the weekend of Nov 16 - 18th. Will Wright, the Lock Note. The 5th Annual Machinima Awards 2012 - Details here and it will be a truly momentous event. Download the program and read all about it - Celebrating the Craft & excellence of machinima! Thank you Hamlet for your timely article!


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