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Monday, October 22, 2012


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Ciaran Laval

How many can you identify? Pictures like this should be saved somewhere for historical purposes.

Pussycat Catnap

As you note, this is the norm in the tech industry.

To survive in one place, you have to be a Dilbert boss...


Kelly (Washington) and I think Char (Broersma) are also still there

Marianne McCann

Guy and Michael are still about

Dave Bell

You wrote, "From one perspective, this is not surprising, because in the tech industry, it's rare for someone to stay at a start-up for 3 years, let alone 7."

How many tech start-ups survive for three years? That is something that would skew the figures. I've only anecdotal evidence from friends, but it is consistent with that figure being dominated by company survival.

Hamlet Au

That's a good point! But yeah, if a startup survives past 3 years, it's rare for the same people to still be working there.

shockwave yareach

Perhaps LL needs to stop thinking like a start up, and start thinking like it is an entertainment company? That's the bulk of what users use it for. It would be nice if things were run and priced like an entertainment product of 2012 instead of the "Get Rich Now" money machine of 2006.

But hey, it must be a California thing to run companies into ruin and call it successful.

Pussycat Catnap

Its not just startups. In the vast majority of tech jobs, the only path to any kind of promotion is to go work somewhere else... So people do, frequently.

And even if you're not on that treadmill, the startups lure folks out of the non-startups, and vice-versa, at a constant rapid pace.

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