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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


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but will it do avatar physics? :D

Veeyawn Spoonhammer

Wow, works great from my Galaxy Nexus. Very exciting!

Dave Bell

It's impressive what it can do, but I have to say that it isn't so useful for me. Some of that is down to me: imperfect eyes and stubby fingers that don't always work well with the touch screen interface. And my Android Tablet is not so good. Just being able to use a Bluetooth keyboard would make a huge difference.

I wouldn't want to try using it on a 'phone. Screensize will make a difference.

But knowing it's there if I should need it, and the low price, and I don't regret paying for it.

Hitomi Tiponi

Works great on my Nexus 7, and this update makes it even better, much better than the grey blob-man. Just went for a wander around with it, all the features work well and are mostly intuitive. With quality Android tablets at lower prices now hitting the market this will be a very useful app for SLers even if they only use it in an emergency. There is a lack of mesh rendering of course, but I found the lack of ground textures possibly more important. When it has that it would offer an even better visual alternative in-world. A very impressive viewer.

ZZ Bottom

How is the code used dependent in LL 1?

Graham Mills

There are quite a few things missing from the viewer but I personally find they don't detract from its overall usefulness. There's obviously a balance to be struck between functionality and performance and I think it's just about right at the moment. Support for OpenSim at the expense of pathfinding is a small price to pay in my view (assuming the Havok libraries are licensed for Android which probably isn't the case anyway).


Not to sound too much like a fanboi but what can I say? It works even on my low-powered android retardophone. I'm impressed and it's a bargain at the price. It must look great on one of the latest android tablets. Just out of curiosity: what kind of framerates and draw distances can you expect on a reasonable android tablet?


For those that would like to try this on a pc there is an app (free at the moment due to it being beta) called Bluestacks, which is an amazing Android emulator. Lumiya is pretty awesome considering, very well done and worth the price IMO.

Douglas Story

This version is the best yet. It even shows my AO properly. It's awesome. Best three dollars I ever spent.

android store

I beyond doubt appreciate your articles and blogs.

Fire Centaur

I downloaded and paid for Lumiya! Kickass!

Samantha Atkins

Can I fly? Can I build? If I can do those two things it is a usable viewer. Otherwise not.

Megan Law

I have Lumiya on my Nook HD, and it's doing pretty well. There are bumps in rendering in some places, like when I'm inside a glass cage, but it is quite usable in general.

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