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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


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shockwave yareach

And just think -- they COULD have done this with Second Life and the customer could have instantly seen it just by running a viewer (rather than plugging in a USB stick). What's more, THEIR users of the site could then ALSO been invited to log into SL and peruse the architectural demo and suggest improvements.

That a company pulling in 300K$ in under a year doing such virtual prototypes would rather burn money on airfare than with SL, says volumes about how businesses can't (or won't) let LL screw them anymore.

Ener Hax

lol - fact checking here - 1) not Australian - French Canadian living in New England, and 2) subQuark's site owner (David) did the work but not for himself but for the company he works for (who also did a few small SL projects back in 2006)

Second Life would not have worked - the customer used a selection of 100 cinema lobbies (saved as OAR files) and placed their client's products in those cinema lobbies (for example, like an HP launch where they have a display booth, etc)

then the customer took images and video to include in their RFP response of their clients

no one needed to get in-world and that would have been a negative experience. the client only wants an idea of what their products look like in a specific lobby as part of a proposal (confidential, so you could have never have had them online plus a proposal might be for 20 lobbies)

think of OpenSim as a 3D tool like SketchUp - only faster and real-time for images and video

while $300k sounds like a lot, it's a small part of the company's annual revenue

for the end customer, we are talking about winning hundreds of thousands in business each year and using SoaS allowed them to set up lobbies in about 20 minutes to win that business (everyone else in this industry still uses plan views of the space and line drawings)

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