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Monday, October 15, 2012


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GoSpeed Racer

I can see this being popular with the crowd that likes to role play families.

Hitomi Tiponi

Maybe the Lindens can use it as a way to make mainland look less empty :).


So, the Metaverse is dead, eh?

And this stuff is being developed using the Opensim platform because it's open source and a whole lot easier to develop this kind of innovation in Opensim. It makes a pretty compelling argument that the open Metaverse is far from dead as a previous article here attempt to suggest.

Arcadia Codesmith

I see limited application for playable avatars, but some potential for autonomous NPC agents to populate play spaces, if the algorithm is generally portable.

Ajax Manatiso

This is sort of an advanced bot camping software. I don't think LL or the SL community will be totally in love with this.

Pussycat Catnap

If we could get a way to have NPC agents not use up 'avatar slots' in a sim, and be light on sim load - this would be a great concept for roleplay areas.

As designed its more of a CS challenge program. Something you'd make for a class on game design theory I suppose.


There has been cloned avatar bots in Opensim worlds for some time and the scripting to work them is quite advanced. I think a Simulated Genetics process for spawning avatar bots as describe in this article might actually be interesting and useful in RPGs's and other Sim City type games. I agree with Pussycat that it might present problems in Second Life with NPC agents but in Opensim that problem wont arise because the over lord is not Linden Labs but the local grid owner which would be one's self if you run the server.

David Cartier

This looks like a godsend for botfarmers and griefers.

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