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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


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Tracy Redangel

I agree with everything you said in your review but I'd also like to add that if you run your graphics on Mid or Low, then you might not want to wear these hands. They will only look good with Atmospheric shaders on. If it's disabled, then you can see the wrist line, and the colors will be off. It's not an issue with just these hands, I have a few other shoes with prim and mesh feet with the same issue

Adeon Writer

Sounds like the old tinting bug, Tracy, if can't use SL's in-world prim tinting if you want things to match up on lower graphic settings. Gotta bake it to texture.

That problem has been around for years and I doubt LL will ever fix it. :P

Nedria Cyr

I tend to be the person who splurges for a really good __(insert item here)__ when I'm able to, but even I'd have a hard time swallowing $1250 for a pack of 5 hand poses, which I likely would not wear on a regular basis.

The mesh feet I use are from one of SLinks competitors, and they offer 10 tattoo patterns (which can be colored as you like, independently, even), 42 nail polishes, 10 nail art patterns, and you can customize each toe nail independently. They're also about half the price. Unfortunately in way they've made me come to hope for more when it comes to mesh hands too.

If SLink added several more hand poses and a lot more more customization options (tattoos included), then I'd be happy to pay $1250 for a pack. As they are, I would not buy a single hand pose (I want variety), and there's not enough value for me to shell out that kind of cash.

Pussycat Catnap

So which competitor did you buy?

I found some free mesh feet for an alt the other day - but tinting on them has been painful.

Masami Kuramoto

What's the triangle count of these meshes?

Pussycat Catnap

Not sure if users can get data on triangle counts. Only the builder knows that.

We just have land impact - which is a formula that includes some curious variables, such as size rezzed at, within its equation.

That said - depending on your viewer and graphics card drivers - mesh can perform faster than prims and sculpty, or much worse.

Its hard to just say "this many triangles equals disaster, that many doesn't."

Gwyneth Llewelyn

This just shows that it's time for LL to start playing with new standard avatar shapes :)

Maybe that's what Rod Humble means when he says the Lab is developing things that will make "SL users, businesses, and developers" much happier...


Oh, I didn't see the "shadows problem" on Juicy's blog. Hm, a mesh object casting wrong shadows. I have read about that just a few days ago on Natale's blog...


Proposed solution: "One must include avatars in the reflection settings to get mesh items to show a reflection" A.K.A. "One must have a really powerfull pc to get a decent SL experience."


And to answer your original question: Yes I will buy those hands anyway!

Ajax Manatiso

SL avatars would never get a new mesh shape (and their shapes currently ARE a mesh, though not a great one) because not only will the servers and the client need to be totally re-written, but the physics engine and ALL clothes and attachments would no longer fit properly. Not only would the investment be steep, everyone would have to throw out their entire inventories including any mesh items you've recently gotten and that would also remove the "golden handcuffs" stopping so many long-time residents from leaving SL for OpenSim. In short, it will never happen.

Tracy Redangel

New default avatar shapes with new, improved sliders are well over due in SL. It's great that creators are making some really cool mesh hands and feet, but I would rather have nice default hands and feet. How old is the default SL body?
And for the love of all that's decent and holy, we need bones in our phalanges, because if I can't strangle some jerks out there, I can at least have the satisfaction of flipping a proper birdie finger! Ammirite?

Pussycat Catnap

Easy way to make a new default avatar:

Make it. And then put in a toggle to use the old one instead.

Set everyone to have the toggle on, but set the default for a new account to have the toggle off.

Make the "button" for this toggle super-obvious for the next several viewer updates.

You could have the 'bones' for the body be about the same as they are now - and mesh clothes would continue to work.

The existing avatar, made into a proportional shape, still fits most mesh clothing - because of how mesh sizes and fits around the bone structure. So this is not the issue some might want to claim it is.

That said, a new default avatar should also take bosom into account on the rigging / mesh forming (not to mention the pectoral attachment points should "move" with the 'bosom' when avatar physics are turned on). And resources depending, some rigging for the mouth and the fingers would be useful.
- But these would still not break mesh clothing nor sculpty clothing.

Texture based clothing is rapidly disappearing from the grid anyway. It already looks "noobish" when you see someone in it. And fewer and fewer new products use it. With a new base-avatar, I think many folks would not miss losing their texture based clothes, and those who did could still be allowed that toggle back to the old mesh.

Tracy Redangel


Oh I still see plenty of avis still wearing spaghetti hair, nipple tape, and shredded texture mini skirts. O.o
Even those who've upgraded their viewers still roam around in bad hair hair and clothes they got at the freebie store. It makes me wonder if mesh has divided the SL community somewhat. You have a stubborn few who refuse to have anything to do with mesh for various reasons whether it's because they have older computers, older viewers, or they simply refuse to alter their avatars to fit into mesh. Then you have mesh fanatics who've thrown away everything non-mesh from their inventory. Both extremes seem to have a tiny bit of disdain for each other.
I love mesh. But texture/system clothes still have their place. The good thing is, we can have both. Why should I throw away my Mon Tissu texture jeans? They look super good under a slim-fitting mesh jacket. Not to mention, I can wear them with my mesh knee-high boots. I can't wear those boots with any of my mesh jeans. Just because something is mesh...doesn't necessarily mean it's a quality item. I've tried on some really terrible mesh clothing, hair and shoes. It's bad. REAL bad.

Nalates Urriah

The shadows think may be the problem that Honor noticed in her photography. See: http://blog.nalates.net/2012/10/15/mesh-rendering-quirk/

Pussycat Catnap

There would be no reason a new avatar could not take body-paint clothing. It just wouldn't take the jeans you bought in 2003.

Even in RL... who still wears jeans -THAT OLD-?

Pussycat Catnap

I've tried some really bad mesh too.

But that's like saying... The new 2012 Tico sucks, so I refuse to take that 2012 Ferrari, my 1908 Model T is just dandy.

We do need a new avatar. I would suggest it exist alongside the old one as some people handle change poorly. But a new one should be the default.

This is not about pushing mesh and killing body-paint clothes. You can do mesh for either - and by its nature older mesh would survive. Body-paint is just paint-by-numbers-in-a-2000L-template anyway... and can be done in any old (or new) template.

This would not kill those technologies.

It'd be about making an avatar that could animate better - that would have bone rigging properly aligned with the joints. That would have toes. That have fingers that could move.

And given how SL is used... more polygons in the crotch area would be very useful... Not just for SL's primary purpose that everyone pretends to hate, but also to avoid those stretch marks when an avatar walks...

(Not to mention everytime you see a trampy avatar in a thong, you can see half the texture-map of their genital area smear across their butt-cheeks...)

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